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  1. 261.
    This completion method could be a cost effective means of completing wells. It is a means of being able to effectively gravel pack or frack pack a new well, without the expense of using a rig. It can also eliminate the need of killing the well with expensive and damaging completion fluids.
    IPCOM000197724D | 2010-Jul-20
  2. 262.
    A method and system is disclosed for alerting/notifying users about one or more events which may be of interest to the one or more users. The method provides a user with an option to join an event for which the user has not received an event invite. Further, the method enables a host of an event to automatically...
    IPCOM000197723D | 2010-Jul-20
  3. 263.
    A method and system for providing data type naming convention for Intelligent Storage Service Catalog (ISSC) is disclosed.
    IPCOM000197722D | 2010-Jul-20
  4. 264.
    parasitic capacitance is a significant challenge for high performance logic devices. As the gate is scaled the parasitics become more pronounced. in this invention we teach a new structure of a MOSFET with a low k airgap spacer
    IPCOM000197721D | 2010-Jul-20
  5. 265.
    IPCOM000197718D | 2010-Jul-20
  6. 266.
    A circuit topology which generates high voltage pulses in transmitting mode and receives small electrical signals in receiving mode is disclosed. In transmitting mode, the circuit generates bipolar as well as unipolar pulses in either polarity. The pulse width and polarity is well controlled, and hence the circuit...
    IPCOM000197708D | 2010-Jul-20
  7. 267.
    IPCOM000197705D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-20
  8. 268.
    Various file types are associated with applications that can handle the respective file type. Administrators can have (or roll out) more than just one application that can handle the respective file types, and depending on various circumstances like security risk, vulnerability, power management, etc., can activate...
    IPCOM000197704D | 2010-Jul-19
  9. 269.
    A means by which a rotary coring tool experiencing differential pressure body adhesion to well-bore face or drill bit entrapment due to collapsed formation can be forced away from the formation to free tool or extract drill bit from sidewall annulus allowing continuation of service and prevent drill bit pull off or...
    IPCOM000197703D | 2010-Jul-19
  10. 270.
    The present disclosure relates to halogenated propylene-containing polymers and methods for making these polymers. Halogenated polyolefins are known. Halogenated polypropylenes, such as chlorinated polypropylene have a variety of uses in elastomeric, thermoplastic and thermoset applications. A new type of...
    IPCOM000197701D | 2010-Jul-19