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  1. 281.
    A method and system for asynchronously updating state of a DMA based message between a sender and a receiver in a single threaded environment. The method involves using an adjacent fenced DMA in order to update the state of the DMA based message.
    IPCOM000197690D | 2010-Jul-19
  2. 282.
    A method and system for determining proportion of bit-flips that convert to computing errors is disclosed.
    IPCOM000197689D | 2010-Jul-19
  3. 283.
    A method and system for restocking items in a store is disclosed. One or more items to be restocked are scanned and their corresponding locations in the store are determined. Subsequently, based on the locations, a route on a map of the store is generated and presented for efficiently restocking the one or more...
    IPCOM000197688D | 2010-Jul-19
  4. 284.
    A method of using rotating page addressability for caching file pages for sequential input-output is disclosed. The method includes using a per process file cache for files that are accessed sequentially.
    IPCOM000197687D | 2010-Jul-19
  5. 285.
    The Inflow Control Device has four sets of baffels or flow channels of varying length. Depending on reservoir conditions one of the flow baffles will be selected for the flow path. The other three baffels are in communication with the flow path but are 'blind.' The idea would be to fill the unused volume with a wax,...
    IPCOM000197686D | 2010-Jul-19
  6. 286.
    IPCOM000197685D | 2010-Jul-19
  7. 287.
    Instant collaboration between different companies becomes more and more popular tool enabling effective resource utilization and better responsiveness. Clearinghouse enables to connect to many different IM domains using a single entry point. All the messages can be sent to a clearinghouse, which will route them to...
    IPCOM000197684D | 2010-Jul-19
  8. 288.
    The invention introduces a method for range finding nodes in the dedicated wireless network. The method is based on the Time-of-arrival approach but substitutes time interval measurement with frequency (or period) measurement. The said measurement can be done using a cheap 8-bit MCU reducing the design cost. The...
    IPCOM000197683D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-19
  9. 289.
    The existing Auto Discovery protocols only provide a mechanism to discover a particular service on the network. In a multi reader environment where readers are part of an Ethernet network, once a reader has been discovered, there is no easy way of identifying or locating a particular reader. The current mechanism of...
    IPCOM000197682D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-19
  10. 290.
    DTM: Dual Transfer Mode. MS in DTM mode can do Circuit Speech and Packet data transfer simultaneously. PACCH: Packet Associate Control Channel SACCH: Slow Associate Control Channel When there is DL SACCH messages need to be sent to a specific MS, - BSS checks the MS is DTM capable and MS is in DTM mode - BSS...
    IPCOM000197681D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-19