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  1. 291.
    When creating supergroups, we need assure that any TDMA only TGs and any Dynamic TGs in a TDMA mode will utilize a TDMA capable resource. Thus when creating a supergroup for a console patch or MSEL: a) FDMA only TGs may be added to a supergroup with other FDMA only TGs or Dynamic TGs in an FDMA mode; b) TDMA only TGs...
    IPCOM000197680D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-19
  2. 292.
    In Phase 2, 360ms worth of audio and Encryption information is carried by 5 bursts. The Subscriber Unit includes Encryption information in 4 of these bursts and the parity for the Encryption information is included in the 5th burst. The idea being presented here is to enhance the chance that a listening Subscriber...
    IPCOM000197679D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-19
  3. 293.
    The idea disclosed is a method by which the list of Find-me or Multi Ring devices are informed of the actual outcome of the call by a short message. E.g Caller: John Outcome: Answered by C2 Caller: George Outcome: Missed everywhere Caller: Carol Outcome: Busy everywhere SO by looking at the status,...
    IPCOM000197678D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-19
  4. 294.
    The core idea is to add a semantic approach to graphical editing by structuring the graph and layering it to differentiate between elements with different role.The navigation between the different roles is done using a UI control that separates these nodes to different areas or different editing contexts (such as tabs...
    IPCOM000197677D | 2010-Jul-19
  5. 295.
    For voice, when assigning a RF channel resource for an FDMA call at an RF Site with mixed FDMA only and Dynamic FDMA/TDMA RF channels, the call controller will assign the call to an anassigned FDMA only channel over an unassigned Dynamic FDMA/TDMA capable channel, all other things being equal. -the benefit is to keep...
    IPCOM000197676D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-19
  6. 296.
    Optical cabling suspension systems with in-channel mirrors to allow folding and unfolding of optical cable without violating minimum bend radius for the fibre bundle, halving the minimum size of the spool compared to alternative solutions.
    IPCOM000197675D | 2010-Jul-19
  7. 297.
    Disclosed is a system and method for enhancing the end-user’s television experience, as well as providing new advertising opportunities for companies, by gathering user data from video frames and online systems and integrating that information into the viewing screen in the form of a video overlay.
    IPCOM000197674D | 2010-Jul-19
  8. 298.
    A method and system is disclosed for enabling multi-media service providers to proactively determine Quality of Experience (QoE) of subscribers for provisioning and managing the multi-media services and mobile networks.
    IPCOM000197673D | 2010-Jul-19
  9. 299.
    Many web-applications use various techniques, such as CAPTACH, in order to cripple malicious automated clients that aim to degrade the application's quality of service. However, as a by-product, these countermeasures also cripple automated vulnerability scanners, rendering their coverage capabilities ineffective. Our...
    IPCOM000197672D | 2010-Jul-19
  10. 300.
    When attempting to make a GSM mobile phone call if there are no radio resources available in the cell then the subscriber will have the choice to select from an on screen menu whether they want to redial using a higher priority which will preempt off a lower priority call on the cell. This should be an optional...
    IPCOM000197671D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-19