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  1. 301.
    A technique for monitoring drying operations of pharmaceutical ingredients is disclosed. The monitoring technique described herein proposes the use of catalytic bead sensors to monitor the presence of adsorbed organic solvents in solid active pharmaceutical ingredients as these materials are dried. The monitoring...
    IPCOM000197670D | 2010-Jul-19
  2. 302.
    This invention describes a magnetic navigation sensor arrangement for endovascular applications or other applications where tools have a similar type of geometry to endovascular applications. The invention is a hybrid arrangement of one or more search coil mounted axially on an endovascular catheter or guide-wire.
    IPCOM000197669D | 2010-Jul-19
  3. 303.
    A technique to shape a transmit field by dynamic controlled coupling in MRI applications is disclosed. The technique described herein proposes dynamic adjustment of the complex loop impedance of a secondary coil in order to modify the coupling with a primary transmit field. A controllable secondary field is created...
    IPCOM000197668D | 2010-Jul-19
  4. 304.
    A technique for an oxy-fuel power cycle with carbon dioxide (CO2) capture at intercooler pressure is disclosed. The CO2 emission reduction technique described herein, uses highly concentrated oxygen, for example, concentrated to 95-99 % O2, for combustion and use of the combustion gases as the cycle working fluid. ...
    IPCOM000197667D | 2010-Jul-19
  5. 305.
    IPCOM000197666D | 2010-Jul-19
  6. 306.
    A technique for a combined active and passive decoupling circuit in an MRI application is disclosed. The combined decoupling circuit proposes the use of capacitive DC blocking combined with both, active (PIN diode) and passive (cross-diode) switching in a single location. The active and passive switching is combined...
    IPCOM000197665D | 2010-Jul-19
  7. 307.
    A dual-handed immersive virtual reality (VR) validation and training technique and apparatus for dual-handed haptic collisions provided. The dual-handed immersive VR technique and apparatus includes automated calibration, simplified part-grasping and an extendable multi-threaded features.
    IPCOM000197664D | 2010-Jul-19
  8. 308.
    IPCOM000197641D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-19
  9. 309.
    A method and system for forcing an earlier execution of branches relative to non-branches to a shared execution unit in an out-of-order processor is disclosed.
    IPCOM000197640D | 2010-Jul-19
  10. 310.
    A method and system is disclosed for monitoring across-die variations in chips. The method and system exploits in-built leakage reduction techniques to estimate across-die variations through multiple IDDQ measurements.
    IPCOM000197639D | 2010-Jul-19