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  1. 321.
    A method and system is disclosed for modifying audio channel routing based on operational condition associated with one or more audio devices. The method and system prevents audio spectrum loss that may be caused due to unavailability of the one or more audio devices by routing one or more audio channels to one or...
    IPCOM000197622D | 2010-Jul-16
  2. 322.
    Disclosed is a system that utilizes a camera and a global positioning system as a means of detecting when a driver is fatigued or distracted. The system then issues a response or appropriate warning to the driver.
    IPCOM000197621D | 2010-Jul-16
  3. 323.
    A method and system to alert portable audio device users of their surroundings is disclosed.
    IPCOM000197620D | 2010-Jul-16
  4. 324.
    A method and system is disclosed for detecting file leaks in filesystems in an appliance environment. Thereafter, an owner of the corresponding files is notified. Accordingly, corrective actions are taken for cleaning the file leaks it the appliance environment.
    IPCOM000197619D | 2010-Jul-16
  5. 325.
    A method and system for automatically initiating an installation process on an application server appliance upon connecting the application server appliance with a client device.
    IPCOM000197618D | 2010-Jul-16
  6. 326.
    Disclosed is a method for automatically identifying and resolving conflicts in database records. This invention extends Database Management Systems (DBMS) application program interfaces (APIs) to capture rules in a Rule Repository. The system applies the rules to identify duplicate records.
    IPCOM000197617D | 2010-Jul-16
  7. 327.
    Consumers of information and publications are not provided an effective way of easily assembling, reorganizing, pruning/filtering, adding, or otherwise restructuring the underlying content, and instead are required to consume the information in a prescribed manner. The system described in this publication allows...
    IPCOM000197616D | 2010-Jul-16
  8. 328.
    A method and system for node fencing in a cluster infrastructure is disclosed. Generally, fence operations are used to isolate, reboot or switch off errant nodes in a node cluster. The method and system disclosed herein allows complex and flexible fence operations using a simple common interface. Further, when...
    IPCOM000197615D | 2010-Jul-16
  9. 329.
    A method and system for enabling manufacturers and suppliers to perform testing of Unit Under Tests (UUTs) residing at suppliers end is disclosed. The method involves using a testing application for accessing test results obtained from execution of test cases stored in a database of the supplier. Upon accessing the...
    IPCOM000197614D | 2010-Jul-16
  10. 330.
    A method and system for reducing Frequency Sweep Test Cycle Time using a sampling algorithm is disclosed.
    IPCOM000197613D | 2010-Jul-16