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  1. 331.
    Disclosed is a system, method, and process for setting product quality targets for complex highly configurable products.
    IPCOM000197612D | 2010-Jul-16
  2. 332.
    System for meeting printing restrictions
    IPCOM000197611D | 2010-Jul-16
  3. 333.
    IPCOM000197609D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-16
  4. 334.
    This idea proposes an electronic stitching process of copying originals that are larger than the platen glass in a multifunction printer (MFP). Documents would be copied in several overlapping pieces and electronically stitched together after which they could be printed. This would be activated by feature selection...
    IPCOM000197608D | 2010-Jul-15
  5. 335.
    This idea proposes an Intelligent Ready Power Save mode for a Multifunction Printer (MFP). The intelligent aspect of this idea means that the MFP would analyze usage patterns and adjust the Power Save algorithm based on those patterns, for a given customer environment. The idea also proposes that control of power...
    IPCOM000197607D | 2010-Jul-15
  6. 336.
    This idea proposes adding a feature to a multifunction printer (MFP) for the creation and printing of Anaglyph images. Anaglyph images are well known, and can be viewed using special red and cyan 3D glasses to create a stereoscopic three dimensional (3D) effect. This technology is commonly used in the film industry,...
    IPCOM000197606D | 2010-Jul-15
  7. 337.
    Laser printers often use a raster output scanner (ROS) to create an image on the photoreceptor. The ROS typically has a rotating polygon mirror that scans the laser light across the photoreceptor surface. This idea describes a simple hardware modification to change an overfilled ROS optical design into a pseudo...
    IPCOM000197605D | 2010-Jul-15
  8. 338.
    This idea proposes a method to derive an optimal signal for color printer calibration. The idea is to use successive filtering across the average values of a sampled tone scale (5 samples over space per digital value per separation) using a triangular three-element kernel to find a filter size at which the cumulative...
    IPCOM000197604D | 2010-Jul-15
  9. 339.
    This idea proposes a graphical user interface (GUI) method to simplify the user experience when programming a scan job. The method includes displaying combinations of values of different parameters that affect a resulting scanned file in similar ways, such as compression and resolution. Controls for the different...
    IPCOM000197603D | 2010-Jul-15
  10. 340.
    Multifunction devices are office machines that have multiple functions such as scan, print, copy, and fax. These systems go into a reduced energy consumption mode during a period of inactivity. This idea proposes an energy-efficient method for a Multifunction device (MFD) to exit out of this "sleep" or "low power"...
    IPCOM000197602D | 2010-Jul-15