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  1. 341.
    This idea proposes a method to save energy in a xerographic printing system, such as a multifunction device (MFD). The proposal is to prioritize the printing of jobs based upon the predicted energy requirements for each print job. In a xerographic printing system, the fuser is the most energy-intensive component of a...
    IPCOM000197601D | 2010-Jul-15
  2. 342.
    This idea proposes a "Print When Free" feature for printing systems. Jobs submitted with this feature would not run until there were no other jobs pending in the system (excluding held jobs). Users submitting jobs could use this feature to indicate to the printing system that any jobs received before their job begins...
    IPCOM000197600D | 2010-Jul-15
  3. 343.
    This idea proposes a system to automatically encrypt certain documents based on content, metadata, or predefined templates. The proposed system would exist as software running on user devices, or connected to existing content management systems. The software would scan the user's system or document repositories and...
    IPCOM000197599D | 2010-Jul-15
  4. 344.
    This idea proposes a new way of handling a SHIFT + BACKSPACE sequence in a soft QWERTY keyboard on a graphical user interface (GUI). The idea provides a state-machine for handling the BACKSPACE key when erasing a SHIFT'ed character. If the erased character was SHIFT'ed, the state of being SHIFT is retained as the user...
    IPCOM000197598D | 2010-Jul-15
  5. 345.
    This idea proposes a low profile scanner for a multifunction printer (MFP) that eliminates the conventional document handler and replaces it with feed and catch trays as well as a relatively flat paper path through the upper portion of the machine. Scanning takes place in line or in the case of non-sheet material, on...
    IPCOM000197597D | 2010-Jul-15
  6. 346.
    The purpose of the tool is to take pressures and high quality samples at high temperatures and pressures, such as 375F and 20000psi. This wireline tool uses focused sampling technique. It has two flowlines and requires two probe packers. The inner packer is used to collect clean sample and the outer packer is used to...
    IPCOM000197595D | 2010-Jul-15
  7. 347.
    This paper describes a 3-capillary viscometer with the elimination of traditional viscometer “hold-up” volume while maintaining cancellation of short-term pump flow-rate pulsation and long-term drift of temperature and solvent flow-rate inherent in chromatography systems. This improvement allows the...
    IPCOM000197594D | 2010-Jul-15
  8. 348.
    Disclosed is a method and system for re-routing an aircraft or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) based on noise thresholds. The aircraft is re-routed based on characteristics of the aircraft, weather conditions, and noise thresholds associated with a region.
    IPCOM000197593D | 2010-Jul-15
  9. 349.
    An integral element for display backlights is described that consists of a reflector adhered to a lightguide using a discontinuous adhesive. The method of attachment helps prevent thermo-mechanical distortions of thin film reflectors while minimizing the impact on optical performance.
    IPCOM000197592D | 2010-Jul-15
  10. 350.
    Disclosed is a method for utilizing an open-source screen capture program as a means of capturing information that allows a user to quickly and easily work with more than one operation at a time.
    IPCOM000197591D | 2010-Jul-15