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  1. 351.
    Disclosed is a spell checker for checking spelling in documents in Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF).
    IPCOM000197590D | 2010-Jul-15
  2. 352.
    A method and system is disclosed for dynamically provisioning a Virtual Machine (VM). The method involves retrieving a VM clone from a VM template queue associated with a VM template in response to receiving a provisioning request from a client. Subsequently, configuration tasks are performed for enabling VM...
    IPCOM000197589D | 2010-Jul-15
  3. 353.
    A method is disclosed for replacing subsystem components using a replacement policy based on a set of system heuristic data.
    IPCOM000197588D | 2010-Jul-15
  4. 354.
    The morphology of polymer particles is very important for the production of polyolefins in gas phase and bulk slurry phase processes that include UNIPOL™, Spheripol, Spherizone, Hypol, Borstar, Innovene, Horizone, and Novolen. Particle morphology greatly influences production throughput as well as continuous...
    IPCOM000197587D | 2010-Jul-15
  5. 355.
    IPCOM000197586D | 2010-Jul-15
  6. 356.
    Under the distributed development environment, synchronizing the latest source code of different developers and building the whole system to always generate lots of compiling errors. Neither project managers nor developers have effective way addressing those errors efficiently. This invention uses the source-owner...
    IPCOM000197585D | 2010-Jul-15
  7. 357.
    XML has become an important medium for data representation and the number of XML repositories is increasing rapidly. Much effort has been put into the design and development of systems to efficiently store XML data and process XML queries. Several vendors start to provide the commercial XML native storage and query...
    IPCOM000197584D | 2010-Jul-15
  8. 358.
    Our method is to implement all business logic in an external business application and integrate it with virtual world application. The event of virtual world will be sent to external application directly. The application will maintain the object status of virtual world and execute business logic based on the received...
    IPCOM000197583D | 2010-Jul-15
  9. 359.
    For network applications which use stateful network protocol like SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) over UDP, the network I/O performance of the application drops quickly when overloaded. This is because that the kernel consume most CPU power to handle interrupts and the application can not get necessary CPU power to...
    IPCOM000197582D | 2010-Jul-15
  10. 360.
    BPM (Business Process Monitoring) is becoming the burden of enterprise system. Usually people leverage BPM event mechanism to monitor the execution status and statistics KPI for their business system. However, since business events consumed in this are are evolving more and more complex and huge, BPM is now becoming...
    IPCOM000197581D | 2010-Jul-15