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    IPCOM000198194D | 2010-Jul-29
  2. 32.
    Disclosed is a system and method to share stylistic changes among authors of a document.
    IPCOM000198193D | 2010-Jul-29
  3. 33.
    Disclosed is a method for identifying conditions under which a given latch behaves as if it were a datapath latch. It does this by finding conditions under which flipping the value stored at the latch will not result in incorrect design behavior. Analysts can then ignore the latch under these conditions during...
    IPCOM000198192D | 2010-Jul-29
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    With the development of information technology, eMail system has been acting as more important role in communication and collaboration. But we still meet some scenarios as below sometimes: 1. A manager send a mail to Lead A and Lead B in his team to discuss the performance of all team members. He hopes his mail part...
    IPCOM000198191D | 2010-Jul-29
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    This disclosure introduces a new method to cancel the ripple&noise by interleaving the redundant power supplies output voltage. It bring a great achievement on design optimization and cost saving.
    IPCOM000198190D | 2010-Jul-29
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    An external programmer can receive a user selection indicating a desired single-chamber pacing or sensing mode (e.g., a Brady Mode) for use with an implantable pacemaker. On the programmer, displaying chamber-specific configuration parameters, disallowing or allowing chamber-specific features, and/or using...
    IPCOM000198189D | 2010-Jul-29
  7. 37.
    A new software package management technoledge for OS provides flexible software registration and discovery service
    IPCOM000198188D | 2010-Jul-29
  8. 38.
    Disclosed is a method and system for analyzing user activities on self-help applications in service desk and recommending high-value key words to users in a novel manner, intended to reduce service desk support cost and to increase end users productivity and satisfaction.
    IPCOM000198187D | 2010-Jul-29
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    In the cities, especially in the downtown, we often meet the parking issue. Sometimes, it is very hard for us to find a parking space. What we can refer to is some denotes in the downtown to show how many park spaces are available in the parking lots nearby. However, these numbers do not make sense sometimes. For...
    IPCOM000198186D | 2010-Jul-29
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    This disclosure presents a way to enhance the data reliability stored on CD/DVD and other optical disks. When storing the data on an optical disk, we re-organize them into strips and write them with parity check technology. When storing the data on an optical disk, we re-organize them into strips and write them with...
    IPCOM000198185D | 2010-Jul-29