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  1. 391.
    The case which the writing of HDD interrupts for visitor vibration form a fan, a speaker and so on, at the time of customer system loading, poses a problem.  By the conventional system, Firmware which WriteGate was interrupted for the Write error detection sector by HDC(Hard Disk Controller), and detected...
    IPCOM000197548D | 2010-Jul-14
  2. 392.
    The correspondence to HDD (Hard Disk Drive) which a certain trouble generated after selling to one is in the demand from customers. In this case, FA (Failure Analysis) may be needed about whether the HDD is returned to an HDD vender and the common trouble exists. However, in fact, since there was Security, by vendor...
    IPCOM000197547D | 2010-Jul-14
  3. 393.
    IPCOM000197546D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-14
  4. 394.
    Disclosed is an adapter kit that allows 1.8HDD to be installed on the remote battery slot. This allows the user to increase the number of HDDs supported on the production server unit without creating unique mechanical parts.
    IPCOM000197545D | 2010-Jul-14
  5. 395.
    The disclosure is related a design to secure rotatable HDD module and allow a user to maintain the components under this module without taking out the whole module. A reliable, space saving stop feature and secure latch/unlatch feature design allow the user to rotate this module without safety concern.
    IPCOM000197544D | 2010-Jul-14
  6. 396.
    This disclosure is related to a Smart (on-demand) Power Adapter, and it's a "Green" invention. Such adapter can be used among host devices with different power consumptions and provide the on-demand wattage and DC voltage instead of current fixed wattage/DC volt to the host devices.
    IPCOM000197543D | 2010-Jul-14
  7. 397.
    BIOS/UEFI setup utility is a utility for user to configure the system settings. Usually we will expose as much as possible options in the utility so that users can change the setting by themselves. However too many options in setup utility will cause the unfriendly usage experience. Some customers may never use some...
    IPCOM000197542D | 2010-Jul-14
  8. 398.
    Today, most of the multimedia devices and cell phones feature an audio/video player. These devices run on a very limited supply of battery. The disclosure described is a mechanism by which, a multimedia device, when near its discharge (10-15% remaining), can increase the playback frame rate of the video, so that the...
    IPCOM000197541D | 2010-Jul-14
  9. 399.
    An approach is presented to more efficiently fuzzing composite / multi-level protocols where there may be state dependencies between the nested protocols. Protocol interfaces are assumed to be instrumented rather like built-in-self-test capabilities in modern circuitry. A procedure is given for using fuzzing to...
    IPCOM000197539D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-13
  10. 400.
    In a mature services marketplace where a large number of service offerings are available, service providers will themselves be customers of services available in the marketplace from other providers. These service subscriptions must be created without human intervention in all but exception cases. To facilitate...
    IPCOM000197538D | 2010-Jul-13