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  1. 401.
    This invention contains a system for using electrical conduction to wirelessly transfer AC or DC power to devices placed on a surface. The method disclosed wirelessly charges devices such as laptops using conductive electricity, which eliminates the need for emitting electrical fields, and as such prevents wasted...
    IPCOM000197537D | 2010-Jul-13
  2. 402.
    A method and system is disclosed for using microwave absorbing materials to suppress Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) from Integrated Chip (IC) heatsinks.
    IPCOM000197536D | 2010-Jul-13
  3. 403.
    A method and system for providing suggestions to a seller about products to be sold is disclosed. The suggestions are provided to a seller using an Instant Messaging System
    IPCOM000197535D | 2010-Jul-13
  4. 404.
    This invention uses a TGI-MASNMR or TGI-HRMASNMR material (Hypercarb TM from Thermo Scientific as an example). Polyolefins samples are first dissolved in a good solvent or a mixed solvent. The polyolefin solutions are then introduced onto the TGI-MASNMR or TGI-HRMASNMR material and kept at a controlled temperature for...
    IPCOM000197534D | 2010-Jul-13
  5. 405.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing a Dynamic Service Configuration Protocol (DSCP) for endpoint resolution and dynamic binding while invoking a service in service oriented architecture (SOA). The DSCP enables a consumer to dynamically bind to a specific service provider endpoint. The endpoint and binding...
    IPCOM000197533D | 2010-Jul-13
  6. 406.
    A method and system for developing interactive information by utilizing Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is disclosed.
    IPCOM000197532D | 2010-Jul-13
  7. 407.
    A method for improving local business search relevancy by temporal tagging and sub categorization of the business entities category tree is disclosed. The relevancy of search results is increased by subcategorizing and tagging an existing category tree with event names that are temporal in nature and adding the...
    IPCOM000197531D | 2010-Jul-13
  8. 408.
    A method and system for real-time displaying of advertisements and search results to a user based on real-time intent of the user. Current intent of a user is captured along with additional information for displaying Sponsored Search (SS) advertisements and display advertisements.
    IPCOM000197530D | 2010-Jul-13
  9. 409.
    A method and system for supporting sub-queries in Boolean expression indexing is disclosed. The method involves modeling an opportunity as a query, with sub-queries i.e., one sub-query per Ad slot thereby reducing the computation.
    IPCOM000197529D | 2010-Jul-13
  10. 410.
    A method and system for recommending advertisements to a user is disclosed. The method and system enhance user experience and privacy by incorporating user ratings for advertisements, collaborative filtering, social networking, clustering, cost-per-click and advertisement metadata provided by the advertisers.
    IPCOM000197528D | 2010-Jul-13