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  1. 411.
    A method and system for displaying advertisements to user based on information obtained from a social networking framework is disclosed. The method identifies user attributes such as, user’s interests, user’s affinity and time spent by the user on daily activities and sends the advertisements to the user based on...
    IPCOM000197527D | 2010-Jul-13
  2. 412.
    A method is disclosed for associating hand motions of a user interacting with a laser mouse in mid-air with a set of actions.
    IPCOM000197526D | 2010-Jul-13
  3. 413.
    A method and system for social networking based call forwarding is disclosed. A call is forwarded to a backup phone number based on a set of configurable rules and a ranking assigned to friends in a social network.
    IPCOM000197525D | 2010-Jul-13
  4. 414.
    A method and system for using a phone to instantly generate calendar entries during or after a phone conversation is disclosed.
    IPCOM000197524D | 2010-Jul-13
  5. 415.
    Disclosed is a method and system for dynamically providing contextual content to user for producing a write-up. The contextual content is automatically retrieved from multiple sources based on context of the write-up and displayed to the user while the user is working on the write-up. Further, the method and system...
    IPCOM000197523D | 2010-Jul-13
  6. 416.
    This invention describes a method to incorporate a peer-to-peer communication system in collaborative training systems, where said communication is triggered by a user's performance/action in a collaborative training system.
    IPCOM000197522D | 2010-Jul-13
  7. 417.
    A method to identify a correct email address from previous users failed attempts
    IPCOM000197521D | 2010-Jul-13
  8. 418.
    Graphics cards are a power hungry part of a computer, however they are not required when run in a headless state or if the monitor is turned off. This idea describes methods for the graphics card to detect when a monitor is connected and powered on and how it can reduce the clockspeed. Reducing the clockspeed...
    IPCOM000197520D | 2010-Jul-13
  9. 419.
    A method is described for the efficient handling of network packets from a switched packet-based network such as the Internet using a general purpose graphics processor unit (GPGPU) in order to reconstruct the network session from the (possibly out-of-order) arrival of individual network packets, otherwise known...
    IPCOM000197514D | 2010-Jul-13
  10. 420.
    IPCOM000197512D | 2010-Jul-13