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    This article describe the way to enable a car key to synchronize data with car PC. As car PC becomes increasingly popular, people need a convenient way to synchronize data between car PC and outside. The core idea in this article is to integrate the data storage and synchronization function into the car key: when...
    IPCOM000198184D | 2010-Jul-29
  2. 42.
    The field of this invention is related to information discovery. This invention is to improve user’s search experience with better ranked search result through real-time analysis of user’s search session behavior.
    IPCOM000198183D | 2010-Jul-29
  3. 43.
    Nowadays, we depend more and more on calendar system to arrange or record our meetings, for example, somebody send out a meeting invitation through email, you accept it, then the meeting information will be recorded in your calender system, you can review it at any time you want, or the calendar system will remind you...
    IPCOM000198182D | 2010-Jul-29
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    This disclosure addresses methods to transfer files between multiple platforms by mouse drag and drop on command line console. Assume a scenario, you work with a command line console, and now you want to transfer files from Linux/Unix to windows, which is a most common operation, but at the moment, you just have two...
    IPCOM000198181D | 2010-Jul-29
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    XML has become a popular method of data representation both on the web and in databases in recent years. One of the reasons for the popularity of XML has been its ability to encode structural information about data records. However, this structural characteristic of data sets also makes it a challenging problem for a...
    IPCOM000198180D | 2010-Jul-29
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    The key idea of this invention is to use passive infrared sensor to detect if there is human body around to automatically decide which phone mode: "Meeting" vibrate mode or "Normal" ring mode should be selected.
    IPCOM000198179D | 2010-Jul-29
  7. 47.
    This article reveals a way to improve the suggested match accuracy in Chinese Input Method.
    IPCOM000198178D | 2010-Jul-29
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    Reverse proxies are commonly used in enterprise environments. In some cases, it is required to configure multiple reverse proxies on the web application for both intranet and internet, or for different departments, to separate different user group and provide different levels of access control. However there are...
    IPCOM000198177D | 2010-Jul-29
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    When displaying charts, no matter in web browser or in application, the big difference among the different items will cause all small values are displayed like zero value, even the real values of each one is not zero and not same for each other. As shown in following Line Chart, we give the description for this...
    IPCOM000198176D | 2010-Jul-29
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    When you have many E-mail in your everyday in your mail client, such as outlook, lotus notes, you may need a lot of time to read them one by one to find useful mails. It's easy to order them by topic or sender. But, it's hard to have a big picture of your mails, like how many mails from certain people, or how many...
    IPCOM000198175D | 2010-Jul-29