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    We provide a new three dimensional modeling method for business process.
    IPCOM000198174D | 2010-Jul-29
  2. 52.
    This invention is to link shopping carts of different shoppers and ship them together to the adjacent address areas, in order to save shipping cost for the shoppers by leveraging the Social Commerce platform. This will help to avoid the shopping cart abandonment, build the site traffic, and further improve the...
    IPCOM000198173D | 2010-Jul-29
  3. 53.
    This invention introduces a framework that provides a WYSIWYG GUI that the tester can make the control or values parameterized when recording.
    IPCOM000198172D | 2010-Jul-29
  4. 54.
    When we send mail, we may type recipients mail address wrong by typo or other reason, after we sent mail, we have no awareness that the mail has been sent to wrong person accidentally. The issue only could be found when the wrong recipients kindly reply us or we check why there is no feedback of the sent mail....
    IPCOM000198171D | 2010-Jul-29
  5. 55.
    Today Web application is getting popular in various industries ,and various Web application development technology provide much more content and fancy user experiences then ever, e.g. Web2.0. However, an Enterprise Web application may contain a large amount of widgets on the same page which makes the navigation...
    IPCOM000198170D | 2010-Jul-29
  6. 56.
    The text value of a control could be translated in different locale or be changed from build to build, but the location it stored almost never change unless AUT underwent a severe adjustment. So our core idea is: Based on the stability of location, we let the script ‘remember’ the storing location of text values...
    IPCOM000198169D | 2010-Jul-29
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    IPCOM000198168D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-29
  8. 58.
    The invention is for the use of a ball caster in a tongue trailer jack in order to allow for easier maneuverability.
    IPCOM000198167D | 2010-Jul-28
  9. 59.
    Recent discoveries regarding persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity have led to increased scrutiny of many fluorosurfactants by global regulatory agencies. Fluorosurfactants have been the dominant additive as wetting, flow and leveling aids in floor polish formulations for many years. Because floor polishes are...
    IPCOM000198166D | 2010-Jul-28
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    IPCOM000198165D | 2010-Jul-28