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    IPCOM000198163D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Jul-28
  2. 62.
    The invention provides automatic adjustment of the clock uncertainty value based upon engineering input. The invention is a set of procedures (implemented in the TCL scripting language) that first determines what the current clock uncertainties are set to and then constructs a new set of constraints with the adjusted...
    IPCOM000198162D | 2010-Jul-27
  3. 63.
    The invention provides automatic, accurate adjustment of the virtual clock latency values based upon actual clock insertion delay measurements without engineering intervention. The invention provides consistent virtual clock latency values from one build of a block to the next. The invention is a set of procedures...
    IPCOM000198161D | 2010-Jul-27
  4. 64.
    The invention is a system to enable motorists to maintain more constant rates of speed, thus saving fuel, reducing congestion, and mitigating pollution. The system consists of an intelligent traffic cloud service that uses smart sensors to report real-time conditions.
    IPCOM000198160D | 2010-Jul-27
  5. 65.
    A method and system is disclosed for providing customized offers to passengers when they are rerouted in-flight due to weather, air traffic or other unexpected events. The customized offers may include hotel reservations, transportation reservations, meal services and entertainment services.
    IPCOM000198159D | 2010-Jul-27
  6. 66.
    Described is a method for optimizing the data from a Geographic Information System (GIS) integrated with an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system to assist the decision-making process when managers assign workers to fulfill work orders. A routing optimizing tool added to the EAM/GIS system and extending the...
    IPCOM000198158D | 2010-Jul-27
  7. 67.
    A method and system are described to reduce the impact of manual data correction on the performance of a running order book market data feed handler by queuing corrections and processing them when the server is idle.
    IPCOM000198157D | 2010-Jul-27
  8. 68.
    A method and system is disclosed for automatically integrating one or more unique software products for improving time to value and reducing manual configuration efforts required to integrate the one or more unique software products.
    IPCOM000198156D | 2010-Jul-27
  9. 69.
    Disclosed is a method and system for performing a partial defragmentation of a file system in order to meet a predefined performance level associated with an application. The predefined performance level associated with the application may correspond to one or more operations of plurality of operations associated...
    IPCOM000198155D | 2010-Jul-27
  10. 70.
    Vertical Packaging of Stacked Dies is described.
    IPCOM000198154D | 2010-Jul-27