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Month of July 2010 - Page Number 9

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  1. 81.
    A method and system is disclosed for retaining display of a part-of-interest in a document while migrating from preview mode format to native format of the document.
    IPCOM000198139D | 2010-Jul-26
  2. 82.
    Disclosed is an innovation for a desktop environment profile associated with calendar events at the time of scheduling in order to trigger the system to launch specific applications on the desktops of meeting participants.
    IPCOM000198138D | 2010-Jul-26
  3. 83.
    Disclosed is an invention for a user interface (UI) and the underlying processes that delivers social media containing relevant product, user, and task information directly to a user’s workstation within the context of a specific product.
    IPCOM000198137D | 2010-Jul-26
  4. 84.
    Described is a method to access a user’s existing social network structures to find the news articles that these persons are accessing and provide each user with a list of articles being read by the persons associated with them through their social network structures. The method will sort the list of recommended...
    IPCOM000198136D | 2010-Jul-26
  5. 85.
    This Invention describes a method or system that helps the user determine the best location in which to store their document based on semantic information taken from the document itself providing for easy retrieval. In addition, this invention describes a method for retrieving documents based on the knowledge of the...
    IPCOM000198135D | 2010-Jul-26
  6. 86.
    A method of organizing and presenting applications and documents while a user manages several different tasks is disclosed. The method disclosed herein organizes and presents various applications to the user using various techniques such as, color coding applications. This enables the user to identify the...
    IPCOM000198134D | 2010-Jul-26
  7. 87.
    System and Method for exploiting organizational information in an image.
    IPCOM000198133D | 2010-Jul-26
  8. 88.
    In the event of a communication impasse during a group discussion, where at least two participants are speaking at the same time, the disclosed system determines to whom the opportunity to speak should go. To do this, the system monitors the ongoing communication event and analyzes the audio stream using different...
    IPCOM000198132D | 2010-Jul-26
  9. 89.
    This publication describes a system that extends traditional social software to allow for the natural and organic creation of social communities via methodologies including interests and topics, organizational structure and other social aspects. The system then describes how to deal with the proliferation of...
    IPCOM000198131D | 2010-Jul-26
  10. 90.
    A method and system is disclosed for enabling a user to bookmark and share state data of websites using native web browser functionality.
    IPCOM000198130D | 2010-Jul-26