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    IPCOM000199386D | 2010-Aug-31
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    Competition has pushed suppliers to figure out solutions that are simple, easy to operate and cheap, but still reliable and safe. NCG handling system in Fiberline applications has been the subject of many discussions, especially when the matter is how to segregate the LVHC and HVLC gases.
    IPCOM000199385D | 2010-Aug-31
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    Disclosed is an integrated light pipe antenna for photonic antenna reconfiguration.
    IPCOM000199384D | 2010-Aug-31
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    Disclosed is a new design for a light pipe and compliant grommet press fit into a thin sheet. There are many different types of light pipe/grommet combinations. This one is set apart by using a specific light pipe design in combination with a properly sized compliant grommet in such a way that it attenuates...
    IPCOM000199383D | 2010-Aug-31
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    Described is a method to connect the output of the physically unclonable function (PUF) circuit into a comparator that can perform the PUF output comparison multiple times. If the comparison is always the same result, then this circuit is tagged as repeatable and used to implement the PUF function. If the...
    IPCOM000199382D | 2010-Aug-31
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    In the event that the private key used to digitally sign software distributions is compromised, this invention securely and concurrently recovers the compromise situation and continues to deliver future software distributions now using a new private key for signing the distribution.
    IPCOM000199381D | 2010-Aug-31
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    Described is a power plug locking sleeve adapter.
    IPCOM000199379D | 2010-Aug-31
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    Disclosed is a method to manage the lifecycle of chat discussions with context. It enables a user to keep track of chat discussion topics, status of discussion topics, and chat participants associated with specific topics. A chat context is used to associate discussion topics with chat participants and can be...
    IPCOM000199378D | 2010-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000199376D | 2010-Aug-31
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    IPCOM000199375D | 2010-Aug-31