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    IPCOM000200145D | 2010-Sep-30
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    With USB attach docks and docks which are actually port others about which the OS is unaware, there is no detach mechanism to stop and disconnect devices safely. This can cause problems with automatic backup to external storage devices (network attach, USB, eSATA, 1394, etc), especially ports on the dock which are...
    IPCOM000200144D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Sep-30
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    A program is disclosed that allows a user to have varying sets of shortcuts, programs running and screen rotations based upon the timely habits of that user. The program disclosed would understand the users usage patterns throughout the day and helps automate the process of switching applications or other...
    IPCOM000200141D | 2010-Sep-30
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    Disclosed is a system for determining who a user is about to contact and then notifying the user of any unprocessed messages received from those people. The user then has the option to read, or listen to, any of the unprocessed messages before sending their own message or making contact with the people. This...
    IPCOM000200140D | 2010-Sep-30
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    ID for publishing
    IPCOM000200138D | 2010-Sep-30
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    IPCOM000200137D | 2010-Sep-30
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    The present publication discloses a system and a method for representing and assessing the compliance of configuration files based on a uniform representation of the file's content (and of the corresponding compliance rules) regardless of its actual format.
    IPCOM000200136D | 2010-Sep-30
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    System and Method for automatically generate a set of tags for user generated content starting from user context.
    IPCOM000200135D | 2010-Sep-30
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    The proposed method and system solves latency and management issues of high priority emails, adjusting status and urgency of the already sent emails, as the related urgent duties gets addressed and resolved.
    IPCOM000200134D | 2010-Sep-30
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    A technique for manufacturing a hybrid design MR bridge is disclosed. The technique described herein provides a simple and cost effective technique to achieve a hybrid - hand layup and pultrusion-composite for enhanced structural performance of an MR bridge. The technique provides an MR bridge, which has load carrying...
    IPCOM000200133D | 2010-Sep-30