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    Disclosed is an application which allows end-users, by navigating through a series of predefined questions, to quickly locate relevant documentation from within a large repository. The system is dynamic, using the response from one question to determine which question should be presented to the user next. It...
    IPCOM000202006D | 2010-Nov-30
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    A sheet metal Printed Circuit Board (PCB) spacer that improves assembly by snapping into place, retained by a unique PCB edge routing, until the two PCB's are fastened together. This system also allows for screw bosses to pass through the PCB's while maintaining strength ribs to housing side walls. This system...
    IPCOM000202005D | 2010-Nov-30
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    This is an invention for an optional display peripheral for use with wearable voice computers. A key aspect of this invention is the broadcast announcement of the URL of web pages that the display will show.
    IPCOM000202004D | 2010-Nov-30
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    The present invention relates to devices for use with the acetabulum and in particular a guide device used to guide an instrument during preparation of the acetabulum and/or during placement of an implant.
    IPCOM000202003D | 2010-Nov-30
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    The disclosure describes synchronizing health checks for a Highly Available Converged Application Server Platform Supporting Correlated Protocols and Converged Applications on Proxy Server. The incoming messages are routed appropriately to a truly available server that ensures each of the protocol stack is...
    IPCOM000202002D | 2010-Nov-30
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    IPCOM000202001D | 2010-Nov-30
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    Disclosed is a system and method for a safety area management on GPS
    IPCOM000202000D | 2010-Nov-30
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    Using a windows-based operating system allows users to run a significant number of applications in parallel. While this has advanced the potential for a user’s productivity, this has come at a cost of hardware resources that are available on the host machine such as CPU and memory. Ideally, users would have the...
    IPCOM000201999D | 2010-Nov-30
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    Today, database administrators (DBAs) struggle with non-integrated toolsets for accessing performance history data and performance monitoring, database administration and development and task planning. The purpose of this article is to describe a novel method integrating key information parameters into a...
    IPCOM000201998D | 2010-Nov-30
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    In cloud environments with lots of tenants subscribing the same application a lot of sparsely filled tables are created as part of the creation of the application tables per tenant in namespaces given by database schemas. Due to the implementation of current relational database systems there is a lot of space wasted...
    IPCOM000201997D | 2010-Nov-30