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    Disclosed is a software development approach and framework that is used by developers, QA testers and tech writers in a cooperative manner and has a repository of user scenarios, automation scripts and UI artifacts. It supports the creation and execution of automated scripts that exercises the software against...
    IPCOM000202775D | 2010-Dec-31
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    I propose to keep the characteristic low air alarm sound, but make it dependent on inhalation and exhalation. The standard mechanical knock/bell would be used during inhalation (or not exhaling). This would provide the maximally annoying knock and would distort the codec when no-one is talking. Then, during...
    IPCOM000202774D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Dec-31
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    Project 25 Phase 2 is TDMA system which may or may not synchronize TDMA Voice Channels (VCH) to the FDMA Control Channel (CCH). The synchronized solution is preferred because it allows subscriber units (SU) to transmit sooner upon arriving on a TDMA VCH due to prior knowledge of synchronization. The problem would...
    IPCOM000202773D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Dec-31
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    IPCOM000202772D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Dec-31
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    The solution enables automatic integrated configuration and management all the environments of the project through a uniform UI software tool. It features a simple, convenient, automatic software tool for environment configuration and management. It provides an one-click configuration function to configure all the...
    IPCOM000202771D | 2010-Dec-31
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    IPCOM000202764D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Dec-30
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    Disclosed is a comprehensive approach to handling types, names, and accessibility in refactoring in response to the need for a more robust refactoring tool. The invention introduces JL, a lookup-free, access control-free representation of programming language programs in which declarations are not referenced by...
    IPCOM000202763D | 2010-Dec-29
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    This disclosure describes a mechanism for improving 3D virtual environments by retaining state information for future use in search, reply, data mining and similar activities.
    IPCOM000202761D | 2010-Dec-29
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    Disclosed is a novel analytical model to provide one enterprise or centralized analytic logical data model with multiple data sources from linear and non-linear platforms, to store, consolidate, and analyze data for business intelligence and data warehouse usage in the advertising and marketing industry.
    IPCOM000202760D | 2010-Dec-29
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    A method and system for automatically detecting an error in a computer system and reporting the error to a support organization is disclosed. The method and system automatically detects that an error has occurred and an error message window depicting the error has appeared on a desktop of the computer system. ...
    IPCOM000202759D | 2010-Dec-29