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    Users of Web sites are rarely aware of the information they are sharing with modern Web browsers hiding much of this from the user. As a result, most Web users are not able to determine how much an organisation knows about them based on their online activity alone. This can lead to concerns over personal privacy...
    IPCOM000202703D | 2010-Dec-23
  2. 32.
    SMS and email are inherently insecure transmissions for one main reason, namely, trust. A user only knows who the sender of the SMS or email claims to be, rather than who he/she actually is. This is a problem for any kind of secure communication. The solution herein describes a new method to help securely...
    IPCOM000202702D | 2010-Dec-23
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    This article describes a method for providing availability information in on-line calendars. Firstly, via a new type of calendar entry called "Availability" users can specify when they will be available for particular types of meeting (e.g. face-to-face, telephone call or instant message). When a meeting chair...
    IPCOM000202701D | 2010-Dec-23
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    Disclosed is the design of a real-time automated road pricing system that makes use of price differentiation to incentivize the widespread use of GPS navigation technology as well as other technologies such as seat sensors (to count the passengers) and fuel optimizers that can lead to optimization of transport...
    IPCOM000202699D | 2010-Dec-23
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    IPCOM000202698D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Dec-23
  6. 36.
    Our idea is to have the Zone Controller in the system be modified to use end-user credentials to make decisions to grant calls and to grant floor control of a current call based on an additional parameter of the validated user identity that may be ranked along side of the current method of granting calls. For example,...
    IPCOM000202696D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Dec-22
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    Within wireless communication systems, the application or application server is often aware of information which would have a bearing on admission control (deciding which calls can be carried by the cellular system and which ones should be blocked) decisions. However, the admission control decisions themselves require...
    IPCOM000202695D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Dec-22
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    Open hole packers with a small retracted OD and a large expanded OD are required. To function properly, these packers require very long and thin rubber elements which must be greatly compressed on one end in order to have sufficient rubber volume to expand and fill the drilled hole ID when set. For a long, thin,...
    IPCOM000202694D | 2010-Dec-22
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    We propose a new type of borehole acoustic transmitter that can generate strong acoustic impulses for LWD sonic logging. In addition, it is capable of generating different acoustic modes. The acoustic impulse is generated when a hammer strikes an acoustic resonator mounted outside the tool collar. The...
    IPCOM000202692D | 2010-Dec-22
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    IPCOM000202691D | Original Publication Date: 2010-Dec-22