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    The present disclosure relates, in general, to antenna radiation patterns. More specifically the present disclosure is related to a Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) feature "Antenna Beam Pattern" trace for displaying antenna radiation pattern.
    IPCOM000203769D | 2011-Jan-31
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    IPCOM000203767D | 2011-Jan-31
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    Many linking groups are known in the art and find use in polynucleotide synthesis. The compounds and methods of interest described herein are a modification of the linkers and methods previously described by Ngo: Ngo, N.Q., "Process for preparing a 'universal support' and the reagents used for generating such...
    IPCOM000203764D | 2011-Jan-31
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    Disclosed is a smart thermostat that may accept temperature setting input from associated users’ smart phones, derive an average of the desired temperatures (also considering the weight-value of the users’ input), and set an area's temperature based on that average. The smart thermostat ensures that all users in the...
    IPCOM000203762D | 2011-Jan-31
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    A limited time wake up circuit activates the clock circuit for a pre-determined period, responsive to active input signal. The analog circuitry need not be activated. Thus, any registers may be read responsive to the activated clock circuitry. Furthermore, a block denoted valid process detect is enabled responsive...
    IPCOM000203761D | 2011-Jan-31
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    A low cost circuit which outputs a value reflective of the greater of inputs Signal A and Signal B. Advantageously, the circuit can be easily expanded to handle more than the two signals shown, by adding additional legs in parallel.
    IPCOM000203760D | 2011-Jan-31
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    This publication relates to features of the chromatography polishing media Capto ImpRes regarding pressure/flow properties, possible bed heights and packing method parameters.
    IPCOM000203758D | 2011-Jan-31
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    Capto SP ImpRes and Capto Q ImpRes are traditional ion exchange media that could be used in number of different purifications processes. Here we show how Capto Q ImpRes could be used for purification of plasma, virus and DNA. The conditions used in these applications are only examples; the media could be run with all...
    IPCOM000203757D | 2011-Jan-31
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    The present invention relates to a cutting guide, and in particular to a cutting guide for use in a surgical procedure which uses optical elements to help guide cutting in an intended direction or position.
    IPCOM000203756D | 2011-Jan-31
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    Aufgrund einer Vielzahl an Konfigurationen von Leistungsschaltern kommt derzeit eine hohe Anzahl unterschiedlicher Leitervarianten zum Einsatz. Damit verbunden ist ebenfalls der Einsatz verschiedener Variationen an Verbindungselementen, beispielsweise von Tragzylindern.
    IPCOM000203755D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jan-31