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    IPCOM000204331D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-20
  2. 102.
    IPCOM000204329D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-19
  3. 103.
    Apparatuses, devices, systems, and methods are provided for cable management and support. In one aspect, a cable support is provided that can rotate about a location proximate to its attachment point to a supported equipment component to provide access to otherwise obscured or obstructed components, cabling, and...
    IPCOM000204325D | 2011-Feb-18
  4. 104.
    The idea is to add user driven advertisements for the plug-ins inside oilfield services software products.
    IPCOM000204262D | 2011-Feb-18
  5. 105.
    The invention offers reservoir engineers a general way to parameterize a horizontal-well with passes through multiple layers. The well is suitable for reservoir engineering studies by a reservoir simulator, and because of the automatic way is can be easily used within an optimization or uncertainty analysis.
    IPCOM000204216D | 2011-Feb-18
  6. 106.
    For an energy company operating in E&P*, the Correlation Between the Intensity of Petrotechnical Resources and the Production of a Company concept can reveal a correlation between (1) the number of Petrotechnical Professionals corresponding to a determined amount of production of an energy company, and (2) the...
    IPCOM000204215D | 2011-Feb-18
  7. 107.
    The invention offers reservoir engineers a novel tool for moving simulation results from a base model to a coarser or finer version or to a subset of the model. This ability to alter the spatial discretization of the model either globally or locally is key to “right sizing” the model to match the quality of the input...
    IPCOM000204214D | 2011-Feb-18
  8. 108.
    The invention gives the ability to trace a image/screenshot from a geoscience application, back to the who, where and when it was exported.
    IPCOM000204213D | 2011-Feb-18
  9. 109.
    One embodiment of the present invention is a fluid reactive "swell" element that is installed uniformly across the entire length of a screen joint via wrapping. In one embodiment, the element is wrapped in such a manner that it does not cover any of the base-pipe holes of the screen thus reducing the flow area of the...
    IPCOM000204212D | 2011-Feb-18
  10. 110.
    Disclosed is a system which provides indicators to users of a social networking service when one a contacts updates their contact, profile, or other information.
    IPCOM000204211D | 2011-Feb-18