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  1. 121.
    IPCOM000204199D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-18
  2. 122.
    A generic asynchronous wrapper for synchronous MFTs. It enables all components in the Media Foundation pipeline to work in parallel improving pipeline parallelization, throughput, and scalability on multicore machines.
    IPCOM000204198D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-17
  3. 123.
    Audio/video synchronization is critical for a good video playback experience. Detecting an audio/video synchronization issue is challenging and may require expensive hardware, special content, modification/instrumentation of the system under test, or manual observation. This method attempts to provide a generic and...
    IPCOM000204197D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-17
  4. 124.
    IPCOM000204196D | 2011-Feb-17
  5. 125.
    Disclosed is a method of fabricating graphene on Si wafers by decomposition of ultrathin silicon carbide layers grown directly on silicon. The method entails using a carbonization layer as an intermediate formation, which after decomposition of SiC results in the growth of graphene with a distinctive crystallographic...
    IPCOM000204193D | 2011-Feb-17
  6. 126.
    IPCOM000204191D | 2011-Feb-17
  7. 127.
    This disclosure provides a new and improved apparatus for adjusting and locking a head rest relative to a vehicle seat. Broadly speaking, the apparatus includes a number of locking tabs distributed around the circumference of a support rod.
    IPCOM000204189D | 2011-Feb-17
  8. 128.
    A method and system for increasing the relevancy of search results using categories of related terms is disclosed.
    IPCOM000204188D | 2011-Feb-17
  9. 129.
    A method and system for determining intent of a user query is disclosed. The method and system models query intent distribution across a population of users by mining a search log and a toolbar log.
    IPCOM000204187D | 2011-Feb-17
  10. 130.
    A method and system is provided to filter email spam by combining similarity graphs, such as, graphs of user-user similarity and email-email similarity. A set of features is generated based on interactions among users and comparisons among emails. The user-user similarity and the email-email similarity are...
    IPCOM000204186D | 2011-Feb-17