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  1. 151.
    Directional microphones need to be aligned to a horizontal axis in order to have the best directivity. However, microphones which are positioned horizontally are visible behind the ear. Up to now, the decision for directivity or for discreteness is an unsatisfying trade-off. In addition, the microphones are...
    IPCOM000204164D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-17
  2. 152.
    IPCOM000204162D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-17
  3. 153.
    Disclosed is a system for cellular phones and mobile devices which prevents them from continually searching for a signal when the device is not actively moving and a signal cannot be found. This preserves power and battery life.
    IPCOM000204161D | 2011-Feb-16
  4. 154.
    Disclosed is a new form of an automatic retrieval process that uses performance analyzers to achieve high performance and reliability. The invention relates to the real time analyzers and dynamic behavior of web applications based on the output of the data gathered at run time.
    IPCOM000204160D | 2011-Feb-16
  5. 155.
    WebSphere Application Server Version 8 is design to support the Java EE 6 standards. The Java Servlet 3.0 standard in particular requires that the current user be logged out prior to a new user logging in. WebSphere Application Server extended this specification to allow for a new logon without requiring the user to...
    IPCOM000204159D | 2011-Feb-16
  6. 156.
    A method to modify an existing immersion processing tool to improve solution flow around the product being processed is described. The improved solution flow is achieved without increasing operating energy requirements.
    IPCOM000204158D | 2011-Feb-16
  7. 157.
    "Duration": single metric to measure the riskiness of software development with time value
    IPCOM000204157D | 2011-Feb-16
  8. 158.
    The present invention relates to a combined pressure sensor and control valve in one block.
    IPCOM000204156D | 2011-Feb-16
  9. 159.
    IPCOM000204155D | 2011-Feb-16
  10. 160.
    Disclosed is a design for a self biased folded cascode amplifier. The invention extends the Common Mode Range (CMR) by use of a self biased scheme and eliminates the need for additional devices for a current supply.
    IPCOM000204154D | 2011-Feb-16