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    IPCOM000204153D | 2011-Feb-16
  2. 162.
    IPCOM000204152D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-16
  3. 163.
    This design changes the traditional collet or dog arrangement into a threaded engagement with the nipple. The thread engagement can improve the contact area between the lock assembly and the nipple, as the helical profile can be made as long as necessary to handle the pressure applied. Traditional method of deployment...
    IPCOM000204151D | 2011-Feb-15
  4. 164.
    As Cloud computing becomes more prevalent, the request for resources become larger in number and there is a need for optimal allocation of requests in an automated manner so as to be able to provide and maintain necessary service levels. In addition, the numerous requests for resources may not be very specific leading...
    IPCOM000204150D | 2011-Feb-15
  5. 165.
    A method and mechanism to make geographically distributed meeting logistics easier to coordinate with a minimum of confusion and calendar clutter, especially when a room booking is involved.
    IPCOM000204149D | 2011-Feb-15
  6. 166.
    A program is disclosed to add auditory feedback to user interface keyboards. Software can be used with keyboards that have no moving parts and thus produce no sound. Touch typists require sound for accurate typing. Allow users to add sounds to the key strokes via software application, by choosing from a library of...
    IPCOM000204148D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-15
  7. 167.
    The landmark system comprises two subsystems, a transmit subsystem and a receive subsystem. The transmit subsystem comprises at least four transmit units, whose positions have already been identified at system installation. The receive subsystem comprises a single receive unit, which is placed on the patient or on the...
    IPCOM000204146D | 2011-Feb-15
  8. 168.
    IPCOM000204145D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-15
  9. 169.
    Disclosed are a system and method to enable the transmission and reception of microblog information over FM-enabled, radio data system, devices.
    IPCOM000204144D | 2011-Feb-14
  10. 170.
    The present invention relates to a method for assembling a pedal assembly for a motor vehicle, the method including: - pivotally mounting a pedal lever (10) by inserting a cylindrical end portion (12) thereof through an opening in a first housing part (1) to be at least partially received in a complementary shaped...
    IPCOM000204143D | 2011-Feb-14