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    IPCOM000204085D | 2011-Feb-11
  2. 202.
    IPCOM000204084D | 2011-Feb-11
  3. 203.
    IPCOM000204083D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-11
  4. 204.
    Disclosed is a system to track the duration of a meeting and associate it with the value of the attendees’ time or other user-configurable metric in order to produce a summary of the cost of the meeting.
    IPCOM000204081D | 2011-Feb-10
  5. 205.
    A method and system is disclosed for facilitating users to install enterprise application with ease on workstations. The method and system assists a user in properly identifying and resolving third-party dependencies and complex settings while installing an enterprise application.
    IPCOM000204080D | 2011-Feb-10
  6. 206.
    EEPROMs are typically used to store board configuration information or small sections of boot code with the I2C interface typically the access interface. Each EEPROM has a fixed device address on the I2C bus governed by 3 external pins. The location of the internal memory address to be accessed is contained within the...
    IPCOM000204079D | 2011-Feb-10
  7. 207.
    This paper presents a methodology for verification of Nexus traces, which includes trace analysis and end to end Nexus trace sanity checking in a Multi-core SOC to catch design issues during trace analysis and ensure loss-less arbitration and egress of Nexus Trace Messages.
    IPCOM000204078D | 2011-Feb-10
  8. 208.
    A thermally conductive and damping system, comprising: a highly resistant composite thermally conductive and elastic structure (knitted metal, metallic foam, etc) assembled (by fasteners and/or adhesive and/or solder) between electronic devices which the temperature must be limited or cooled and an external chassis...
    IPCOM000204077D | 2011-Feb-10
  9. 209.
    A method and system is provided to render simplified content on mobile devices. A user accesses a website using a mobile device. Content on a webpage of the accessed website is parsed. A simplified content from the webpage is identified based on the mobile device's specifications, user preferences, and prior user...
    IPCOM000204076D | 2011-Feb-10
  10. 210.
    Disclosed is a method which applies conditional user navigation to working with large Gantt charts for asset maintenance. The navigation allows the user to more quickly and efficiently determine where there are problems in the schedule and then identify solutions.
    IPCOM000204075D | 2011-Feb-10