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  1. 211.
    An application server can offer the ability to block sensitive information such as a password from being displayed in logs and traces. This capability is controlled via configuration options.
    IPCOM000204074D | 2011-Feb-10
  2. 212.
    Solution for keeping pipeline components independent even when they can produce contradict output. It is achieved by adding reconciling component, which gets and buffers output from all pipeline components, reconciling contradict inputs when needed. When end of the pipeline is reached, reconciling component returns...
    IPCOM000204073D | 2011-Feb-10
  3. 213.
    Mechansim to communicate partition paging health
    IPCOM000204072D | 2011-Feb-10
  4. 214.
    Inefficiency in the interstate transportation systems due to well-known construction sites. The use of online mapping software for travel destination routing is pervasive at this point, whether done with GPS units, on the computer and printed, and increasingly on smart phones that can route from your current...
    IPCOM000204071D | 2011-Feb-10
  5. 215.
    A method and system for allowing the concurrent access to a Software Workload Partition (WPAR) while also being able to handle the active transfer of the process and file system state from one node to another is disclosed.
    IPCOM000204070D | 2011-Feb-10
  6. 216.
    A method and system allowing for the orderly transition from the scratch file system (SFS) onto the file systems owned by the Software Workload Partition (WPAR) as well as for the graceful shutdown ("unwinding") of the WPAR is disclosed.
    IPCOM000204069D | 2011-Feb-10
  7. 217.
    IPCOM000204068D | 2011-Feb-10
  8. 218.
    This article describes a process that allows the automated production of random, self-testing programs that can be used for testing dynamic binary translators. These self-checking programs can be generated in such a way as to ensure a high probability of safe, deterministic behaviour with simple return codes that...
    IPCOM000204067D | 2011-Feb-10
  9. 219.
    Identifying client side configurations by analysing incidentally flowed data
    IPCOM000204066D | 2011-Feb-10
  10. 220.
    IPCOM000204065D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-10