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  1. 221.
    Disclosed is a method that prevents application of sensitive nature or sensitive data to be displayed on the Smartphone or other mobile information devices based on the location to prevent unauthorized person from peeping sensitive data.
    IPCOM000204064D | 2011-Feb-10
  2. 222.
    Discosed is a system that enhances the security of data stored in PC (Personal Computer), using Smartphone. In the disclosed system, the security agent software is placed in both PC and Smartphone. The main security agent in the PC monitors the activity of PC, mainly but not limited to network communication and...
    IPCOM000204063D | 2011-Feb-10
  3. 223.
    The copy paste functionality is available in the Operating System and it offers a paradigm for transferring text, data, files or object as a source to a destination. This functionality involves key combinations, pulldown menus, pop-up menus or toolbar buttons. In this article an additional implementation of this...
    IPCOM000204059D | 2011-Feb-09
  4. 224.
    Disclosed is a method to decrease the stresses exerted by Sn-based solder bumps on integrated circuit chips in flip chip packages. The approach keeps the high- distance to neutral point (DNP) parts of the chip warmer than the low -DNP parts such that the high-DNP bumps can continue to relax through creep in...
    IPCOM000204058D | 2011-Feb-09
  5. 225.
    During the examination of medical images, multiple measurements on various segments are drawn. These findings are made available in the Findings Navigator automatically or manually. In the case of multiple findings, every finding has to be selected separately and to be created separately for the Findings Navigator....
    IPCOM000203916D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-09
  6. 226.
    An improved modular connector assembly (1) provides coaxial shielding for plural conductors (9) with a corrugated shield (15) between adjacent conductor modules (5). Fig. 2
    IPCOM000203915D | 2011-Feb-09
  7. 227.
    High stresses in the rotor groove of the first row of rotating blades caused by temperature differentials during start-up and shut-down of the turbine can limit starting speeds. High rates of temperature change would produce high stresses which would limit the lifetime of the turbine (reduced number of starts). This...
    IPCOM000203914D | 2011-Feb-09
  8. 228.
    In External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT), monitoring the organ movement during treatment is important for precise treatment delivery. In the case of lung treatment, this is challenging because the organ is continuously moving due to patient breathing. In LINear particle ACcelerators (LINAC), the Mega Volt (MV)...
    IPCOM000203913D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-09
  9. 229.
    Patient scanning often has to be repeated several times. Before starting a therapy a pre-scan is carried out. During the therapy other scans have to be carried out. These scans are called post-scans or follow-up scans. There can be one or several follow-up scans, depending on the type of problem. To compare the first...
    IPCOM000203912D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-09
  10. 230.
    Tools exist to help developers of documentation to maintain a consistent style and correct errors such as spelling or grammar. These tools usually use a standard style and grammar tool that is often inflexible, and certainly doesn't reflect the individual requirements of any particular organisation or team....
    IPCOM000203911D | 2011-Feb-09