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  1. 231.
    The Total Suspended Solids (TSS) in a water or wastewater sample is a portion of Total Solids (TS) which is retained on a filter with a specified pore size. Their amount can be measured after being dried at specified temperature. The TSS measurement is an important parameter in the design and operation of various...
    IPCOM000203910D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-09
  2. 232.
    Die Verbesserung der verfügbaren Übertragungsbandbreite und Reduzierung der Netzwerklatenzzeit, ermöglicht mittlerweile Softwarelösungen, bei denen verschiedene vernetzte Rechner eine komplexe Softwareaufgabe gemeinsam bearbeiten. Derzeitige Automatisierungs-Engineering-Systeme sind jedoch Einzelplatzsysteme. Der...
    IPCOM000203909D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-09
  3. 233.
    Noises in the environment affects the speech intelligibility for hearing aid users. Thus, less noise increases the listening comfort for the user. Up to now, noise cancellation is commonly used in hearing aid. One current solution provides an internal noise reduction method which reduces the amplification when the...
    IPCOM000203908D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-09
  4. 234.
    IPCOM000203902D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-09
  5. 235.
    This document describes the booting method for "Hybrid System" which has plural sub-system in it. This method has following merits. Short boot time. Low cost. Minimum space requirement.
    IPCOM000203901D | 2011-Feb-09
  6. 236.
    By declaring data as infrequently accessed data or code as not cacheworthy, the compiler can indicate to the system's memory management unit to not bring in infrequently accessed or unimportant memory bytes into the CPU cache. This helps improve the system performance by avoiding eviction of other frequently accessed...
    IPCOM000203900D | 2011-Feb-08
  7. 237.
    Disclosed is a system and method for managing an end user?s social networking streams. The method extends beyond current systems that analyze streams from a single system to address streams coming to a user from multiple systems; it parses and stores the activities and related metadata from events coming from...
    IPCOM000203898D | 2011-Feb-08
  8. 238.
    Connector assembly comprising a plurality of contacts, a plurality of parallel elctro-conductive first shields provided with a connection portion to engage corresponding connection portions in a plurality of electro-conductive second shields crossing and spacing the first shields to form a grid with cells for...
    IPCOM000203897D | 2011-Feb-08
  9. 239.
    A method and system for merging and decomposing tags for generating additional tags in a tag cloud is disclosed. As such, one or more tags inserted by one or more users in content may be merged to generate one or more compound tags. Similarly, the one or more tags may be decomposed to generate one or more...
    IPCOM000203896D | 2011-Feb-08
  10. 240.
    For applications in a web or cloud computing environment, this article defines a component to automate the interoperability for the Web Service front end and back end applications.
    IPCOM000203895D | 2011-Feb-08