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  1. 241.
    Disclosed is a system and method for building a map in real time of CO2 emissions from vehicles. The invention uses an existing interface to engine sensors to measure fuel consumption and tag it with the location data, which allows the system to generate an accurate map.
    IPCOM000203894D | 2011-Feb-08
  2. 242.
    Disclosed is a new mechanism for hardware acceleration that allows accelerators to directly communicate with each other so that the processor is freed-up to do more computing-intensive work. The flexibility of the approach allows the steps in the process to adjust to the level of the workload.
    IPCOM000203893D | 2011-Feb-08
  3. 243.
    Mit Hilfe moderner bildgebender medizintechnischer Geräte, wie beispielsweise Röntgengeräten, Computertomographen oder Magnetresonanztomographen, können unter anderem auch dreidimensionale (3D) Aufnahmen, sogenannte Volumendatensätze, erzeugt werden. Der Grund hierfür liegt im hohen Auflösungsvermögen dieser Geräte in...
    IPCOM000203892D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-08
  4. 244.
    Bei der Projektierung z.B. einer automatisierungstechnischen Anlage entstehen während des Engineerings üblicherweise viele Versionen der Anlagenmodelle. Auch die 3D-CAD-Modelle der Anlagen werden in vielen Versionen ausgeführt. In den verschieden Modellen werden die Änderungen unter Umständen von verschiedenen...
    IPCOM000203891D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-08
  5. 245.
    The architecture of modern software can be based on the client-service model (see Figure 1). Usually, a client application communicates with a corresponding service via a defined interface, the so called API (Application Programming Interface). The client calls an API function which is processed by a service. The...
    IPCOM000203890D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-08
  6. 246.
    Traditional hearing aids consist of several modules that are placed in most instances in one housing. The constraint of putting all the sub modules into one body of a hearing aid has resulted in below optimum performance. This is due to the un-optimized wearing position of the hearing aid with respect to the sound...
    IPCOM000203889D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-08
  7. 247.
    Speech enabled applications use manual or automatic text transcripts of spoken speech that typically do not contain punctuations and sentence boundaries. An abundance of such data in call center settings is thus subject to linguistic and text processing tasks like POS tagging, parsing, named entity recognition,...
    IPCOM000203888D | 2011-Feb-08
  8. 248.
    A data binding mechanism for legacy C/C++ business applications to expose as SOAP or RESTful Web services without changing or even re-compiling the C/C++ applications. This can be achieved by creating a C library for creating byte buffers from C/C++ data structures and compiling it using the alignment options used...
    IPCOM000203887D | 2011-Feb-08
  9. 249.
    A method and system for creating a customizable social networking gateway using presence federation and virtualization is disclosed.
    IPCOM000203886D | 2011-Feb-08
  10. 250.
    IPCOM000203885D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-08