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Month of February 2011 - Page Number 7

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    In the domain of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) a typical use case is to move data from multiple sources into a single target (Data Warehousing, Master Data Management, etc.) or from one source into multiple targets (e.g. download from enterprise data warehouse into multiple marts). A common pattern in these type of...
    IPCOM000204404D | 2011-Feb-23
  2. 62.
    IPCOM000204401D | 2011-Feb-23
  3. 63.
    IPCOM000204400D | 2011-Feb-23
  4. 64.
    IPCOM000204399D | 2011-Feb-23
  5. 65.
    The disclosure is to leverage existing Baseboard Memory Control (BMC) and USB functions in a system to implement a USB-interface device that provides a portable Lightpath indicator for systems having the BMC and USB as a common building block design. This will effectively eliminate the need for implement the error...
    IPCOM000204398D | 2011-Feb-23
  6. 66.
    IPCOM000204395D | 2011-Feb-23
  7. 67.
    Disclosed is the Client TouchPoint Modeling (CTM) Application, a system and method by which service system entities can identify touchpoints between themselves and the client and better understand their impact on service quality, as well as identify opportunities for service improvement.
    IPCOM000204394D | 2011-Feb-23
  8. 68.
    A method and system are provided to efficiently update members across a team regarding team context with respect to a task being carried out by team members. The team context facilitates a team member to be updated on changing contexts of progress of the task. Accordingly, each team member may act in...
    IPCOM000204393D | 2011-Feb-23
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    Developers with little distributed programming experience and no hardware engineering background have difficulty building prototypes that can quickly test physical-digital interfaces. With increasing numbers of networked, digital devices, there is both the opportunity and the challenge to develop new,...
    IPCOM000204392D | 2011-Feb-23
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    IPCOM000204391D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Feb-23