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Month of February 2011 - Page Number 9

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  1. 81.
    Service tool and downhole installation assembly designed to gravel pack open hole wells with greater than 90 deg deviation. Current crossover gravel pack tools use a port above the screens to pump through. However in > 90 deg deviation wells this becomes a limitation as sand must be pumped uphill. This design uses a...
    IPCOM000204380D | 2011-Feb-22
  2. 82.
    A method and system for monitoring behavior of a subject and accordingly directing the subject towards a desired area or away from a restricted area using visual cues is disclosed.
    IPCOM000204379D | 2011-Feb-22
  3. 83.
    A method and system is provided to allow a participant to identify messages recorded during a conference call during playback. Conversations that occur while a communication device used for the conference call is on mute are recorded. The recorded messages are then tagged. The tags enable the participant to identify...
    IPCOM000204378D | 2011-Feb-22
  4. 84.
    This article describes a system for improving the usability of computing devices during the boot phase. By utilizing a fast booting operating system with a limited number of available applications it is possible to make the computer usable quickly whilst continuing to boot a more comprehensive operating system in...
    IPCOM000204374D | 2011-Feb-22
  5. 85.
    An expanded communications interface between computer processing systems and either a virtualization storage layer (like IBM?s SVC) and/or other storage sub-systems allows high-level storage functions to be dynamically switched from being executed within the (typically closed) storage sub-system and other parts of...
    IPCOM000204373D | 2011-Feb-22
  6. 86.
    This article describes RFID tags that can change state to indicate that certain conditions have been met. The advantage over existing RFID solutions is that a simple state change can be recorded from a tag without the need for the tag to either store or transmit historical information about conditions over time,...
    IPCOM000204372D | 2011-Feb-22
  7. 87.
    Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) offer many useful visual and functional features to aid software developers, and are designed primarily to maximize programmer productivity. Commonly during development, an IDE will display to users information relevant to the object-oriented design of their software. ...
    IPCOM000204371D | 2011-Feb-22
  8. 88.
    This document describes a "launch-in-context" implementation with a configurable product plug-in mechanism. This allows one product to contextually launch another product's user interface while at the same time being isolated from the details of the second product's user interface. This means that when the second...
    IPCOM000204370D | 2011-Feb-22
  9. 89.
    A method to scale down file formats for manipulation on resource-constrained devices in such a way as to allow merging back to the master version of the file. This is achieved through a specialised API which records the actions taken against the scaled-down file. On file synchronisation with the master version of...
    IPCOM000204369D | 2011-Feb-22
  10. 90.
    IPCOM000204368D | 2011-Feb-22