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  1. 121.
    IPCOM000206428D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Apr-26
  2. 122.
    In today's storage environment a storage server remains powered ON even when there are no I/O activities running. Additionally, the I/O read write usage data is collected from the machine in regular intervals. This article describes a proposed method of use this I/O read write usage data to reduce power...
    IPCOM000206427D | 2011-Apr-26
  3. 123.
    A method in which key words typed into an input device are detected from a previously set database and highlighted with user-set reminders or information.
    IPCOM000206426D | 2011-Apr-25
  4. 124.
    A system for enhancing the security of the USB protocol by capturing the unique analog signal properties of an attached device and storing them for later comparison as a fingerprint for that device.
    IPCOM000206425D | 2011-Apr-25
  5. 125.
    The main idea of this invention is to create a method to single-step step instructions out of line by creating a memory area in the user address space that is secure, writable only from kernel but readable and executable in the probed process address space.
    IPCOM000206424D | 2011-Apr-25
  6. 126.
    This disclosure describes a method through which bots can be algorithmically captured and observed to determine the characteristics of bots. These characteristics can be used to flag accounts as likely to be bots and this information can be used to recommend more fair prices for advertisement rentals on services like...
    IPCOM000206423D | 2011-Apr-25
  7. 127.
    Abstract: Surprisingly, it was found that tackifier resins containing aromaticity and based on C5 feed streams were compatible with random and block metallocene polyolefin elastomers or had useful levels of compatibility with random and block metallocene polyolefin elastomers. The aromatic-modified C5-based resins...
    IPCOM000206422D | 2011-Apr-25
  8. 128.
    Conventional fenders designed for onshore berths are not suited to the large heave and rolling motions experienced offshore. An invention is described that uses existing and proven elements in a new configuration to systematically address vessel motions in an off-shore berthing situation. Two cone fenders support a...
    IPCOM000206421D | 2011-Apr-25
  9. 129.
    Disclosed is a system employed during instant messaging conversations, unified telephony conversations, or multi-party web conferences to help guide real time knowledge to allow conversational behavior during a meeting to be understood and corrected when needed. The invention provides to all participants a visual...
    IPCOM000206420D | 2011-Apr-25
  10. 130.
    Disclosed is a system comprised of both a program and a script which verify library dependencies and configure runtime parameters for a thick client application. The system automatically generates Classpath and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) options based on the information supplied; the only configuration settings...
    IPCOM000206419D | 2011-Apr-25