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  1. 131.
    A method of creating task cards with complete life cycle information is disclosed. The method allows creating task cards with tasks that may be assigned to others or may be tasks assigned by others. The task cards keep track of updates and the current state of the task. The task cards also supply actions needed...
    IPCOM000206418D | 2011-Apr-25
  2. 132.
    A method and system for reusing Linkage Indexes (LXs) and Address Space Numbers (ASNs) is disclosed. The method and system includes associating a sequence number with each ASN and LX and requires a user to specify both the sequence number and a LX/ASN when referencing or connecting to an owner of the LX/ASN.
    IPCOM000206417D | 2011-Apr-25
  3. 133.
    A new simulation programming interface is disclosed that provides a more robust set of functionality, including functions that can be shared among many programs and data manipulation capability. This allows designers to more easily target specific areas of logic for testing and verification, thus producing a...
    IPCOM000206416D | 2011-Apr-25
  4. 134.
    The present invention provides improved dishwasher rack designs that reduce shipping and storage volumes, which in turn reduces the costs associated with shipping and storing dishwasher racks. One embodiment comprises a substructure to hold assembled fold down tines in place. An alternate embodiment includes a...
    IPCOM000206415D | 2011-Apr-25
  5. 135.
    This invention relates to industrial power systems such as electric power transmission networks, and more particularly it is concerned with a real-time method for controlling electric power transmission networks during emergency situations.
    IPCOM000206414D | 2011-Apr-25
  6. 136.
    IPCOM000206406D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Apr-23
  7. 137.
    IPCOM000206405D | 2011-Apr-22
  8. 138.
    IPCOM000206404D | 2011-Apr-22
  9. 139.
    This disclosure proposed an integrated and effective disaster recovery method and system, which enable easy, rapid and effective disaster recovery switch between disaster recovery (DR) environment and development and test (Dev&Test) environment by leveraging the cloud computing capabilities. Basically, this system...
    IPCOM000206403D | 2011-Apr-22
  10. 140.
    A method and system for integrating textbooks on a client device is disclosed.
    IPCOM000206401D | 2011-Apr-22