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  1. 141.
    A method and system for measuring hardware data compression is disclosed. The method involves collecting compression/expansion data and determining the compression ratio for compression and expansion operations without using hardware instrumentation.
    IPCOM000206400D | 2011-Apr-22
  2. 142.
    A method and system for providing downward compatibility is disclosed. The method and system provides the ability to develop an application on a higher level of an operating system and allow the application to execute on a lower level of the operating system.
    IPCOM000206399D | 2011-Apr-22
  3. 143.
    Usually, the virtual machines in cloud environments only expose very limited network ports due to the security reasons. This approach makes the remote management of these virtual machine very difficult. In this invention, a system to manage software in virtual machines remotely by reusing the open ports is proposed.
    IPCOM000206398D | 2011-Apr-22
  4. 144.
    IPCOM000206397D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Apr-22
  5. 145.
    The present invention describes a method and system for customizing and chaining searches among various applications by transforming result from one search to an intermediate result and feeding intermediate result as input into another search automatically. This enables users of web client to input what they already...
    IPCOM000206396D | 2011-Apr-22
  6. 146.
    Disclosed is a method to increase the ‘green’ content of an injection molded part while simultaneously maintaining flex/fatigue performance.
    IPCOM000206395D | 2011-Apr-22
  7. 147.
    This disclosure describes a chart for visualizing transportation schedules for multiple vessels among multiple locations. One use case would be in the area of maritime transportation schedules for seagoing ships. Such a chart could be used in displaying results or as an interactive interface for maritime...
    IPCOM000206394D | 2011-Apr-21
  8. 148.
    A method and system for accessing adjacent pins of a Device Under Test (DUT) using programmable high frequency probing systems is disclosed.
    IPCOM000206393D | 2011-Apr-21
  9. 149.
    Disclosed is a high performance mechanism for sending and receiving data to a cryptographic processor. The method creates a packet that contains all of the information needed for the cryptographic processor to execute, without having to interface with the processor controller. The method incorporates a series of...
    IPCOM000206392D | 2011-Apr-21
  10. 150.
    Described is a self- aligning fixture and process associated with hot bump pull testing. This fixture can then be sold as an add-on feature to the existing testing equipment.
    IPCOM000206391D | 2011-Apr-21