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Month of April 2011 - Page Number 17

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  1. 161.
    Disclosed is a system that integrates digital video recorder (DVR) systems with social networking tools and delays status updates from others that could potentially be a "spoiler" to unseen DVR recordings.
    IPCOM000206374D | 2011-Apr-20
  2. 162.
    Synchronization is commonly used in multi-thread application to control the access to shared resources(E.g. the tickets in ticket booking system). SMB oriented SaaS offerings use the single-instance-multi-tenancy pattern to achieve cost-effectiveness, but the synchronization mechanism will lead to in-efficiency in...
    IPCOM000206373D | 2011-Apr-20
  3. 163.
    IPCOM000206372D | 2011-Apr-20
  4. 164.
    IPCOM000206371D | 2011-Apr-20
  5. 165.
    IPCOM000206370D | 2011-Apr-20
  6. 166.
    IPCOM000206369D | 2011-Apr-20
  7. 167.
    A method and system for upgrading distributed objects without disrupting access to the distributed objects is disclosed.
    IPCOM000206368D | 2011-Apr-20
  8. 168.
    Disclosed is a system and method for enabling a user to complete a transaction at a shopping store using a handheld personal device.
    IPCOM000206367D | 2011-Apr-20
  9. 169.
    For end-users, postal systems are slowly moving into the modern age. Online systems are available to users to allow them to pay for postage and print out postage labels. This article describes a method that uses an alternative approach to image recognition, in order to facilitate the use of internet-enabled...
    IPCOM000206366D | 2011-Apr-20
  10. 170.
    Disclosed is a solution for creating a framework which can support Role Based Access Control across heterogeneous environment.
    IPCOM000206365D | 2011-Apr-20