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Month of April 2011 - Page Number 18

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  1. 171.
    IPCOM000206364D | 2011-Apr-20
  2. 172.
    IPCOM000206363D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Apr-20
  3. 173.
    Disclosed is a method for a software manufacturer to provide Stage 1 software migration information separate from Stage 2 information, and provide it in the form of migration action templates.
    IPCOM000206362D | 2011-Apr-19
  4. 174.
    Disclosed is a method to migrate data record formats and file address formats dynamically, to avoid system downtime and outages. The approach is to perform migrations on subsets of a file at a time so that additionally needed data records are not used faster than they are available.
    IPCOM000206361D | 2011-Apr-19
  5. 175.
    Method and System for Manipulating Fields between Multiple Releases When Size of the Fields Differs Between the Multiple Releases
    IPCOM000206360D | 2011-Apr-19
  6. 176.
    Disclosed is a method to allow a version indicator to be introduced into logical records (LRECs) in existing databases that do not have any spare bits available. The approach is to redefine the existing 2-byte size field to be used as an indicator. When the central database routines determine that a special,...
    IPCOM000206359D | 2011-Apr-19
  7. 177.
    Disclosed is a system to leverage the product information inherent in radio frequency identification (RFID) code as a basis to determine a consumer’s product purchase patterns. Specifically, the invention relates to the RFID codes for discarded product packaging. When purchasing patterns are established, product...
    IPCOM000206358D | 2011-Apr-19
  8. 178.
    Disclosed is a method which offers users of touch devices the convenience of mouse-over capabilities without violating their expectations or interrupting their normal interaction flow. The key to the method is removing one of the behaviors from the screen element and assigning it to a second element, so that the user...
    IPCOM000206357D | 2011-Apr-19
  9. 179.
    Disclosed is a method of instruction which provides both a mechanism for determining the component and the associated set of steps to complete a task. The method incorporates the use of a camera in a smart phone to assist the user in identifying and communicating to the source of information exactly the component...
    IPCOM000206356D | 2011-Apr-19
  10. 180.
    IPCOM000206355D | 2011-Apr-19