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  1. 181.
    Disclosed is a method for discriminating human involvement from automated system (i.e., bot) intervention in the context of a web- or network-based transaction. The method incorporates the use of a two-layer honeypot where a web application page has multiple honeypot forms, each having a randomly-generated unique...
    IPCOM000206354D | 2011-Apr-19
  2. 182.
    Disclosed are a system and method that works as a browser plugin to allow a user to download any web-based file to their machine, especially hand-held devices, in the form of a meta-file which then points the user to the file that is housed on a cloud server. This enables the user to email, upload, or open the...
    IPCOM000206353D | 2011-Apr-19
  3. 183.
    Test logic is normally left untested as it is “functional” during testing. The test logic is present inside an SoC and therefore, like the rest of the device, it may not be defect free. The chances of test logic being defective due to manufacturing are the same as for rest of the SoC. This makes it necessary for test...
    IPCOM000206352D | 2011-Apr-19
  4. 184.
    Silicon carriers can benefit from the following designs and processes which help to enhance overall manufacturing yield of chip stacks, silicon carriers and modules having thinned silicon.
    IPCOM000206351D | 2011-Apr-19
  5. 185.
    Disclosed is a method and system for dynamically assigning one or more attributes to an email based on a recipient of the email. The one or more attributes can be for example, high importance, low importance, urgent, delayed delivery, confidential, for your action (FYA), for your information (FYI), and encrypted.
    IPCOM000206350D | 2011-Apr-19
  6. 186.
    Disclosed is a method for controlling presenter rights and conferencing options during a web-based presentation in order to better manage meeting context within specific time constraints. The invention is a presentation context-switching system that enables the meeting coordinator to control various aspects of an...
    IPCOM000206349D | 2011-Apr-19
  7. 187.
    Disclosed is a method to intelligently advise a user who is accessing a file via the Internet or cloud server when a smaller document is available on the network. Doing so saves both network resources and the user’s time.
    IPCOM000206348D | 2011-Apr-19
  8. 188.
    Disclosed is a system implemented through an Instant Messaging client that provides conference call participants with a means to determine which slide in a presentation is currently being viewed and discussed when the presentation is being controlled only locally by the presenter. This prevents users from falling...
    IPCOM000206347D | 2011-Apr-19
  9. 189.
    A method and system is disclosed for enabling remote access to one or more applications in an Instant Messaging (IM) Session.
    IPCOM000206346D | 2011-Apr-19
  10. 190.
    Described is a method and apparatus for extendable spinal rod. The spinal implantable apparatus is based on strain gage sensors which monitor the spine and surrounding muscle growth. The implantable device can be extended to the desired length by using the feedback from the sensors and is used by a physician in-...
    IPCOM000206345D | 2011-Apr-19