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  1. 11.
    A method and system for managing advertisement content in real-time. The method and system allows advertisers to exercise control over the advertisements and the content of the advertisements that are displayed to users in real time.
    IPCOM000206581D | 2011-Apr-29
  2. 12.
    A method and system for moderating online content using crowdsourced ratings is disclosed.
    IPCOM000206580D | 2011-Apr-29
  3. 13.
    A method and system for Return of Investment (ROI) Realization via Buying within Ads.
    IPCOM000206570D | 2011-Apr-29
  4. 14.
    A method and system is provided for offering an advertisement as a CAPTCHA challenge. The advertisement may be generated based on a context of head content of a webpage being viewed by the user, user profile, user preferences, demography, income level, age, gender, locations, etc. The user then enters a set of...
    IPCOM000206568D | 2011-Apr-29
  5. 15.
    Disclosed is a scalable logo recognition approach that extends common bag-of-words model and incorporates local geometry in indexing process. Given a query image and a large logo database, the goal is to recognize a logo contained in the query image, if any. In accordance with approach disclosed herein, features are...
    IPCOM000206561D | 2011-Apr-29
  6. 16.
    A method and system for determining number of views of an advertisement by accounting advertisement blindness in sponsored search bidding is disclosed. The method involves calculating an Advertisement Blindness Factor (ABF) of a user for a category of the advertisement. As the ABF is calculated, the number of views...
    IPCOM000206557D | 2011-Apr-29
  7. 17.
    A method is provided to allow trading advertising contracts as options. A buyer purchases an advertising option for displaying ads at a specified price, during a specified time, and method. The buyer may then sell the advertising option or exercise the advertising option by displaying the ads.
    IPCOM000206556D | 2011-Apr-29
  8. 18.
    A Demand Supply Compliance System for reviewing quality of advertisements as well as publishers is disclosed.
    IPCOM000206555D | 2011-Apr-29
  9. 19.
    A method of performing structural clustering of web pages is disclosed. Structural clustering is a process by which pages generated by the same unknown script are grouped together. The method involves utilizing Universal Resource Locators (URLs) of pages of a website for performing structural clustering of the pages...
    IPCOM000206554D | 2011-Apr-29
  10. 20.
    A method and system for combining result sets of advertisements obtained using search queries and corresponding query rewrites is disclosed.
    IPCOM000206549D | 2011-Apr-29