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    This invention is a novel method and system mainly to deal with issues of 3D modeling for virtual world server by: a)Map real world into virtual world b)Support interaction between real world and virtual world
    IPCOM000206529D | 2011-Apr-29
  2. 32.
    The flourish of Web 2.0 triggers a boost of various SNS (Social Network System) applications. People can communicate with each other, write short blog and join the on-line games. In these fancy applications, normal web users become the information generator and publisher rather than just consumer. Contributed by vast...
    IPCOM000206528D | 2011-Apr-29
  3. 33.
    This invention focuses on improving the execution efficiency of emergency response process. Because of the considerable amount of human lives and assets involved in disaster, the efficiency of an emergency response process is very critical. Compared with general-purpose process, the most different part in emergency...
    IPCOM000206527D | 2011-Apr-29
  4. 34.
    With the hybrid architecture becomes a promising trend, the software development on such architecture is a great challenge. As a open parallel programming standard, OpenMP can ease the difficulties of programming on hybrid atchitecture. Task is new concept proposed in OpenMP 3.0 standard which integrated task...
    IPCOM000206526D | 2011-Apr-29
  5. 35.
    Online advertising market is an emerging business on the web, from the study of Yankee Group, it reach 34B in 2007 in U.S. and with grow to $50.3 billion in revenue by 2011. Current advertising solutions mainly fall into three categories below: the first class is called graphic ads or display ads, which shows a ads in...
    IPCOM000206525D | 2011-Apr-29
  6. 36.
    In telecom domain, since many customers will churn from one telecom carrier to another. But how to reduce the cost of poaching customer is a big challenge, need accurate campaign to appropriate customers. Becuase the carriers have analysis capability (customer segmentation, sales target selections, etc) in place to...
    IPCOM000206524D | 2011-Apr-29
  7. 37.
    Currently, there are the following types of ways to handle the test case generation. Prepare test cases with the natural language. E.g. Rational Manual Tester[1]. It is usable for non technical persons. But the format of test case can not be unified and it is difficult to translate to automation execution...
    IPCOM000206523D | 2011-Apr-29
  8. 38.
    This article introduces a method to design and implement a fast and reasonably accurate performance simulator based on combining a dynamic binary translator with a trace-driven performance model. A performance simulator based on this method can achieve a speed-up of over 30 compared with a classical cycle-accurate...
    IPCOM000206522D | 2011-Apr-29
  9. 39.
    While integrating HTTP-based apps, user would like to have an integrated experience when navigating thru these apps, i.e., user would like to keep status of these app clients during navigation thru apps back and forth. A solution is needed to associate sessions of integrated HTTP-based apps and avoid lost of session...
    IPCOM000206521D | 2011-Apr-29
  10. 40.
    This invention extends existing web single sign-on (SSO) solutions to work across multiple browsers without requiring any additional infrastructure on client side. It requires no change in existing Web-SSO enabled partner applications. Since this application is part of web application itself, need for any third party...
    IPCOM000206520D | 2011-Apr-28