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    Historically, hydraulically actuated downhole valves are susceptible to failure due to debris accumulation in or over the hydraulic actuation ports. The invention provides a method to extend the hydraulic isolation port an unlimited distance above the valve to create a debris sump into which the debris may accumulate...
    IPCOM000206509D | 2011-Apr-28
  2. 52.
    The present invention is related to the shifting latch mechanism.The difficulties associated with the existing design are (1) the mating shifting tool must be designed with collapsing surface that must be specifically designed for different downhole tool geometry, (2) the engagement surfaces between the shifting latch...
    IPCOM000206508D | 2011-Apr-28
  3. 53.
    The conventional shifting tool fingers are deflecting in the middle of finger geometry where a key shape is placed, and thus generate significant frictional force that could lead premature surface deformation. At the same time, the slender shape of finger only support limited buckling resistance and thus does not...
    IPCOM000206507D | 2011-Apr-28
  4. 54.
    This invention reduces the total number of packers used for multi-zone completions that call for fracturing, gravel packing and isolation by simply switching between different types of slurry in pumping schedule. The procedure to complete multi pay zone needs to break it into sections. Each zone requires a separate...
    IPCOM000206506D | 2011-Apr-28
  5. 55.
    Fiber Optic and other sensors have been shown to yield significant information related to wellbore stress states, and reservoir production properties. The sensors as currently run have a significant limitation. Their carrier tubes or position in the wellbore have limited direct contact with the borehole. Thus the...
    IPCOM000206505D | 2011-Apr-28
  6. 56.
    An ESD Wrist Strap and Shoes Tester with Voice and Image Notification is an instrument designed to measure electrical resistance for evaluating the effectiveness of ESD wrist straps and shoe grounders used to protect static sensitive devices during handling. It adds voice messaging and visual imaging notification...
    IPCOM000206504D | 2011-Apr-28
  7. 57.
    Novel hydrolysis resistant polyurethane foam materials having shape memory properties are prepared for downhole tool applications. These porous materials having open cell structure allow downhole fluids flow through while prevent undesired solids flow through. In comparison with conventional polyurethane foam...
    IPCOM000206503D | 2011-Apr-28
  8. 58.
    During installation of hi-temp fibre-optic cables on an oilfield need to strip the polyimide coating of the cable before splicing. This method of stripping is using a Methyl Pyrrolidinone instead Sulfuric Acid during stripping process. This method used Methyl Pyrrolidinone in a process of removing of polyimide...
    IPCOM000206502D | 2011-Apr-28
  9. 59.
    The disclosure provides a semi-submersible offshore platform with columns having an enlarged base on the bottom of each column with pontoons coupled between the columns. The enlarged column base can be at least as high as a height of the pontoon and on at least embodiment can be about 50% of the draft of the...
    IPCOM000206501D | 2011-Apr-28
  10. 60.
    Disclosed is a method for performing redundancy analysis on electrical bitfailmaps stored and accessible via an external bitfailmap viewer after the functional test. This approach enables any user to perform redundancy analysis for any given test condition or composite cumulative bitfailmap.
    IPCOM000206500D | 2011-Apr-28