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  1. 61.
    A method and system for selectively alerting a user regarding e-mails that are not replied to by the user within a predetermined period of time. The predetermined period of time for an e-mail that is not replied to by the user is estimated by analyzing the user’s e-mail response history.
    IPCOM000207368D | 2011-May-27
  2. 62.
    Disclosed is a multi-step method to incorporating data elements and images into a computer model in order to improve the productivity of modeling tools and the ways in which they can be applied. The method identifies shapes and text in an input source, and then renders these identified shapes into a new interactive...
    IPCOM000207367D | 2011-May-27
  3. 63.
    Disclosed are a system and method to change the status message in a collaborative environment based on active phone conversations on a mobile device.
    IPCOM000207366D | 2011-May-27
  4. 64.
    Disclosed is a method to automatically balance the checkout load between different checkout lanes in a retail store, with the objective of maximizing checkout throughput and minimizing the waiting time of customers. The system utilizes technologies from both surveillance cameras and data capture from the point of...
    IPCOM000207365D | 2011-May-27
  5. 65.
    A method and system for mapping lean metrics and constructs to software delivery organizations is disclosed.
    IPCOM000207364D | 2011-May-27
  6. 66.
    Disclosed is a software system that automates many of the aspects of performing a computer lease roll. This system consists of a collection of executable programs as well as a web service and a web site. The automation eliminates the need for intervention by a human technician and reduces the risk of error.
    IPCOM000207363D | 2011-May-27
  7. 67.
    Disclosed is an application method which eliminates the use of a reserve/release mechanism when a program runs tasks on multiples systems with shared resources. The method incorporates a Master/Agent approach to allocating resources and controlling and synchronizing tasks.
    IPCOM000207362D | 2011-May-27
  8. 68.
    Disclosed is a flexible software application integration framework for integrating enterprise and inter-enterprise business processes. This integration framework provides all the necessary tools and services to easily integrate disparate systems.
    IPCOM000207361D | 2011-May-27
  9. 69.
    Disclosed is a system of noise sensors attached to vehicles which can detect decibels or record actual audio. Methods are described which collect the data from all vehicles and correlate this to positional data (presumably from an on board Global Positioning System (GPS)). The combined system can then be used to...
    IPCOM000207360D | 2011-May-27
  10. 70.
    A method is disclosed to interface with service connections where pins have been depopulated from vias.
    IPCOM000207359D | 2011-May-27