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    The present invention is applied to a technique which involves nitrogen cooled generator system for an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) plant. The generator comprises an air separation unit (ASU) which separates nitrogen from air. The nitrogen is can then be used as a coolant in the generator system....
    IPCOM000208312D | 2011-Jun-30
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    The invention relates to a secured vertical alignment of gib key of the nozzle box. The key is secured in between an inner shell assembly and the nozzle box by holding the key in a groove with a single bolt and thereby can prevent liberation of the key. In one aspect, even though if the bolt fails to hold the key, the...
    IPCOM000208311D | 2011-Jun-30
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    The present idea relates generally to an apparatus and method for delivering a therapeutic device to the adrenal glands to either block or stimulate secretion of the adrenal hormones.
    IPCOM000208310D | 2011-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a method to disambiguate topics of discussion after messages have been sent via instant messaging conversations having multiple topic threads.
    IPCOM000208309D | 2011-Jun-30
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    Disclosed is a method to apply to instant messaging applications which allows instant messaging users to create a "Question" that can then be assigned to a set of users. When the question is answered, the originator marks the question as such and the system automatically notifies other recipients that their...
    IPCOM000208308D | 2011-Jun-30
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    A burner and a method for heating materials by combusting fuel with an oxidant. The burner comprises separate nozzle assemblies for delivering fuel and oxidant to carry out combustion reactions. Each nozzle assembly has a plurality of refractory nozzles with outlet ports that project the fuel in a plane parallel with...
    IPCOM000208307D | 2011-Jun-30
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    A method and system for selectively sending attachments in a single email message to recipients is disclosed. The method involves sending a list of attachments in the email message. Further, the method allows the recipients to select attachments from the list of attachment to obtain the attachments.
    IPCOM000208306D | 2011-Jun-30
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    This article describes a method and apparatus to dynamically manage the I/O configurations of a cluster of System z processor complexes from a central software system running in a logical partition of any of the processors. This is accomplished by combining information about the existence and status of the software...
    IPCOM000208305D | 2011-Jun-30
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    The power consumption of a company or a household is neither constant nor the same on two following days and also depends on a multitude of different aspects. However, the consumption scheme is predictable, there are usually time periods of low consumption, time periods of higher consumption and few short-time periods...
    IPCOM000208304D | 2011-Jun-30
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    Two-dimensional Cellular Automata such as Conway's game of life are a parallel universal computation model. Their implementation in hardware is obvious and has been considered an alternative to the currently dominating von-Neumann model, even though this is not done on a commercial level today. If it would be done on...
    IPCOM000208303D | 2011-Jun-30