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Month of June 2011 - Page Number 12

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  1. 111.
    Described is an invention to allow the fencing off of the contents of an array, without degrading access time during normal functional operation, as well as having minimal impact in terms of area and power compared to competing schemes.
    IPCOM000208104D | 2011-Jun-23
  2. 112.
    As 3D stacked chip technology becomes a viable option for electronic packaging, the rework process becomes critical due to high cost of manufacturing. Described is a method to rework 3D stacked chips. This requires reworking single chip at a given moment.
    IPCOM000208103D | 2011-Jun-23
  3. 113.
    Disclosed is a design for a self-checkout point of sale system which decreases the overall footprint while improving the functionality with a Mobile Bagger.
    IPCOM000208102D | 2011-Jun-23
  4. 114.
    Multifunction Printers (MFP’s) often have an offline stapler to manually staple sets of printed output. The existing offline staplers are typically designed to fire as soon as the paper sensor is covered. Frequently, the staple is fired before the document is correctly inserted. This is especially true when trying...
    IPCOM000208101D | 2011-Jun-23
  5. 115.
    This idea discloses a test method that has been developed to predict the behavior of xerographic prints in finishing operations including lamination and bookbinding. Xerographic digital presses are used for production of publications, such as books-on-demand, brochures, and manuals. Many such applications also...
    IPCOM000208100D | 2011-Jun-23
  6. 116.
    Document image scanners usually have a clear glass platen on which the document to be scanned is placed. In some cases the document is transported across this glass surface to scan the image. If the underside of this glass is dirty, image scanning defects will result. This idea proposes a cleaning mechanism...
    IPCOM000208099D | 2011-Jun-23
  7. 117.
    Some document image scanners use a SELFOC lens to focus the document image on a Full Width Array (FWA) image sensor. In high speed scanning systems of this type, the lens is constructed at the expense of focal depth. This means that the document is constrained to a narrow position range from the SELFOC lens, compared...
    IPCOM000208098D | 2011-Jun-23
  8. 118.
    Solid ink printers use a consumable commonly known as an ink stick to print. The ink sticks are used up in the printing process and need to be replenished periodically. Solid ink printers also have a waste tray for disposal of waste ink that is a normal part of the printing process. This idea proposes to reuse...
    IPCOM000208097D | 2011-Jun-23
  9. 119.
    Provide a deduplication directory service (cloud based or in-premise) that will enable users to transfers bulk data using block signatures. Target machines can ask data blocks from the directory service to complete data transfer/sync with primary server.
    IPCOM000208096D | 2011-Jun-23
  10. 120.
    This publication discloses a method for preventing data leak by using the attributes for data files, objects or content. These attributes can then be used by Data Leak Prevention (DLP) application to monitor, prevent and report data leakages.
    IPCOM000208095D | 2011-Jun-23