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Month of June 2011 - Page Number 14

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  1. 131.
    This publication provides a method for the manipulation of 3-D objects on a PC screen via advanced gestures on a PC mouse.
    IPCOM000208080D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jun-22
  2. 132.
    Die vorliegende Publikation betrifft die Verwendung von ein- oder mehrschichtigen Beschichtungen oder Beuteln, die zumindest eine Schicht aus Polyamid enthalten, auf der Kartoninnenseite, wobei die Kartonagen zumindest teilweise unter Verwendung von unbedrucktem oder bedrucktem Recyclingpapier hergestellt wurden.
    IPCOM000208079D | 2011-Jun-22
  3. 133.
    A method and system for providing a Graphene (Gr) channel for spin injection, spin diffusion, and spin manipulation of ferromagnetic contacts is disclosed. An exchange field is provided in the spin injection part to create spin precession and spin current. The spin precession is used for controlling electric field.
    IPCOM000208078D | 2011-Jun-22
  4. 134.
    IPCOM000208073D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jun-22
  5. 135.
    Disclosed is an application which can disable features at runtime according to battery status and corresponding IDE tool to help developers easily and quickly write this kind of green applications.
    IPCOM000208072D | 2011-Jun-22
  6. 136.
    Model consolidation spatially filters and combines two scalar property fields. As it is used in Near Surface Modeling (NSM) the two fields are interval slowness models represented in 3D cartesian grids. The process combines the large wavelengths of one model with the small wavelengths of a second model. For...
    IPCOM000208071D | 2011-Jun-21
  7. 137.
    A reliable multi functional ball seat for liner hanger running tool with all the advantages of simple mechanism, low manufacturing cost, easy operating and redressing friendly. This tool can set liner hanger, release running tool by dropping a single setting ball while manipulating the tubing and annulus pressure. It...
    IPCOM000208070D | 2011-Jun-21
  8. 138.
    The purpose of this invention is to eliminate or minimize backlash in a body lock ring (BLR) system that will maximize the amount of energy stored in compressive seals. The current most widely used BLR system contains a thread that mates on a matching thread profile of a mandrel. The distance between threads is the...
    IPCOM000208069D | 2011-Jun-21
  9. 139.
    The existing delayed opening ball seat as shown in Fig 0 is essentially a supported extrudable ball seat below a reservoir of hydraulic fluid. Applied pressure above a ball on seat causes the pressure of the hydraulic oil in the reservoir to increase until a precision rupture disc bursts. The oil slowly bleeds...
    IPCOM000208068D | 2011-Jun-21
  10. 140.
    Patent 5984007 puts holes into a piece of laminated non-metallic composite material and inserts buttons with high hardness into those holes. The slips made in this way can take high pressure differential at 250F temperature. Under high pressure differential high stress concentration can be expected around those...
    IPCOM000208067D | 2011-Jun-21