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  1. 151.
    The article describes about a new 'Transaction Note Window' for ATM which will enable users to write optional  comment(s) for successful transactions and will also allow the users to print 'Expenditure Graph' on mini-statement. The article emphasis on how effectively transaction's notes or comments can be used in...
    IPCOM000208056D | 2011-Jun-21
  2. 152.
    Disclosed is a method to forward a mail quickly, without switching the current context. Today, many collaboration platforms have integrated messaging service with email service. Hence, the mail clients have an integrated list of contacts and buddies within a same application. The article includes a method to make use...
    IPCOM000208055D | 2011-Jun-21
  3. 153.
    This invention is a system and method for computing efficient and cost-effective plans for resuming the normal operations of an organization during disruptions. The method first captures the organizational infrastructure at two levels: 1. Logical level of dependence between various types of resources in the...
    IPCOM000208054D | 2011-Jun-21
  4. 154.
    A program is disclosed by which personalized search result category/ subcategory will be displayed in the Search Result page. These category and subcategory will be displayed based on the folder / subfolder created in the Favorites section of the browser. User can navigate from one category to another category in the...
    IPCOM000208053D | 2011-Jun-21
  5. 155.
    In today's service driven economic environment, it is essential for organizations to deliver better service experience while maintaining the bottom line in order to differentiate and grow their business. Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is the key driver for retention and growth in retail banking and several techniques...
    IPCOM000208052D | 2011-Jun-21
  6. 156.
    Typically design changes come up in the final phase of the circuit design, which need to be implemented without affecting the processed sections. These changes are commonly known as Engineering Change Order (ECO). Especially in case of RITB ECOs where only metal changes are possible, when a new logic comes in,...
    IPCOM000208051D | 2011-Jun-21
  7. 157.
    A system which will help validate the human behavior assessment outcomes through the semantic analysis and rule based inferencing of the social data about the individual, This being an unobtrusive method of measurement it will eliminate the subjectivity brought about by other measurement techniques such as...
    IPCOM000208050D | 2011-Jun-21
  8. 158.
    The service descriptions are important for identification of service through service discovery mechanism. The resultant set for a service discovery query is dependent on how good the service descriptions are available. The best match is found when the entire details of the service are exposed including the actual...
    IPCOM000208049D | 2011-Jun-21
  9. 159.
    The problem that this paper addresses is that of how to monitor the actions of a user who has super user privileges by making the 'monitoring' a part of the operating system itself. A common way to monitor the actions of any user is by using the auditing subsystems. But being the super user, with the right knowledge,...
    IPCOM000208048D | 2011-Jun-21
  10. 160.
    This invention relates to processing of messages in a group and in particular relates to determining the completeness of a group for messages in a group in a Message Queuing System.
    IPCOM000208047D | 2011-Jun-21