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Month of June 2011 - Page Number 17

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  1. 161.
    Solutions designed for a specific problem in IT environments can be automatically analyzed and altered to cater to a variety of related problems, if knowledge of IT environments is handy.
    IPCOM000208046D | 2011-Jun-21
  2. 162.
    The article describes about a method of utilizing vision and eye movements of a user to automatically provide optimal content. Through this article, we envisions to build on the eye movement and the gazing as input to identify users interest idea. Basing on the qualified interest of user, the optimal content is...
    IPCOM000208045D | 2011-Jun-21
  3. 163.
    Although main emphasis of web 2.0 is to share the use content but layout and display mechanism is still controlled by website owner. Most of the web-site design is static and only few website allows users to customize the webpage in limited way. In this article we want to bring the idea of allowing users to design the...
    IPCOM000208044D | 2011-Jun-21
  4. 164.
    Secure and Fine tune control on remote distribution of files
    IPCOM000208043D | 2011-Jun-21
  5. 165.
    Disclosed is a method and apparatus to leverage unified communications capabilities for next-generation contact centers in order to provide the customers a unified view of partnering businesses so that they are able to resolve a problem more interactively and over one session in the shortest possible time.
    IPCOM000208042D | 2011-Jun-21
  6. 166.
    The disclosure proposes a mechanism to create fixed sized files and implement file wrapping at the filesystem level. Although, many applications and utilities might be already acheiving the same purpose by wrappping file data at application level. But, it puts a lot of overhead on these applications; because it...
    IPCOM000208041D | 2011-Jun-21
  7. 167.
    Utility value of a product is hardly reflected by the specification provided by the manufacturers. The true or assessed value of a product comes through the user experience and reaches out to others through word-of-mouth. The increasing popularity of e-commerce application has led to inevitable integration of social...
    IPCOM000208040D | 2011-Jun-21
  8. 168.
    In large enterprises, manual best practice sharing is not easy. Many similarities exist in the analysis done by multiple analysts using the same kind of datasets. But they do it in isolation from each other. Sharing the analysis outcomes, and all other information about the data and analysis practices between all...
    IPCOM000208039D | 2011-Jun-21
  9. 169.
    Disclosed below is a system and method for dynamic resource requirement inference in automatic scheduling of conferences. The system is able to intelligently base decisions on priorities of various users in the conference and also make adjustments in real-time leading to a much more optimal use of space, time and...
    IPCOM000208038D | 2011-Jun-21
  10. 170.
    Mechanism to conduct a whiteboard based conference session using gyroscopic enabled mobile devices. The idea is to exploit the gyroscopic capability of handheld devices to scribble on web conference whiteboards. 1. The aspects of using gyroscopic capability of mobile phones to remotely scribble/ draw on web conference...
    IPCOM000208037D | 2011-Jun-21