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  1. 171.
    A system and method to detect interactive controls which the customer interacts with and convert the look and feel of those controls to enable visual emotion representation within those controls
    IPCOM000208036D | 2011-Jun-21
  2. 172.
    IPCOM000208035D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jun-21
  3. 173.
    A method and system for detecting widgets embedded within electronic documents, and upon printing, automatically converting the text related to the embedded widgets into sentences that provide context to the widget on the hard copy is disclosed.
    IPCOM000208032D | 2011-Jun-20
  4. 174.
    In the SoC world, there are two kinds of signal interfaces, source synchronous and non-source synchronous. The typical implementation of non-source synchronous interfaces is susceptible to propagation of glitches inside the SoC due to reflection on receive clock from board, causing receive data to be corrupted. This...
    IPCOM000208031D | 2011-Jun-20
  5. 175.
    IPCOM000208030D | 2011-Jun-20
  6. 176.
    Disclosed is a mechanism built into the housing of a power cord which quickly and easily retracts the prongs to allow a user to more easily unplug a cord from a power strip or outlet.
    IPCOM000208029D | 2011-Jun-20
  7. 177.
    Disclosed is real-time process which detects drives that are approaching the upper end of their safe operating temperature and intelligently uses data migration and I/O throttling to reduce the usage of these drives, thus allowing them to cool down and stay within a safe range of operating temperatures.
    IPCOM000208028D | 2011-Jun-20
  8. 178.
    Disclosed is a feature for Global Positioning Systems (GPS) which disables the safety mode depending on the user's touch angle. This enables a passenger, as opposed to the driver, to configure the GPS while it is still in the GPS mount and the vehicle is in motion.
    IPCOM000208027D | 2011-Jun-20
  9. 179.
    A method and system for detecting identifying important and sensitive contacts in a messaging system to send messages to appropriate recipients is disclosed.
    IPCOM000208026D | 2011-Jun-20
  10. 180.
    Disclosed is a system and method to prevent accidental activation of user interface (UI) controls (buttons, links, etc.) while navigating a page of information in a Graphic User Interface (GUI). Navigation only mode is unlocked and activated by user input or automatically based on the user's behavior. The invention...
    IPCOM000208025D | 2011-Jun-20