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  1. 181.
    A method and system for disallowing a website to track user activities performed on the website is disclosed. The user is provided an option to access the website in a passive mode. The access to the website in the passive mode ensures that activities of the user on the website are not tracked.
    IPCOM000208024D | 2011-Jun-20
  2. 182.
    Disclosed is a method for surfacing content from multiple tabs simultaneously, while preserving the support for traditional tab behavior. The methods consists of introducing a toggle control within each tab. A mouse event inside a toggle inside one of the tabs turns the tab on, surfacing it without closing any other,...
    IPCOM000208023D | 2011-Jun-20
  3. 183.
    IPCOM000208022D | 2011-Jun-20
  4. 184.
    In this article, we present a system and method to monitor home agents. The system makes use of feeds received from camera, screen and audio from agent’s environment. Based on the feed, a manual decision is taken whether the agent was working under proper and acceptable conditions. If any violation is found, some...
    IPCOM000208021D | 2011-Jun-20
  5. 185.
    This publication proposes a simple and generic extension of rule based languages in order to be able to express linear (integer or not) equations. This feature is useful to offer linear programming (LP) and mixed integer programming (MIP) modeling capabilities to users who are acquainted with rule based languages...
    IPCOM000208020D | 2011-Jun-20
  6. 186.
    It is part of our day by day to always listen to music. Portable devices increasing memory and compressed music formats make it possible for us to carry all our preferred music. A user of such portable device can have several songs to build up his or her play-list. However, the music lists can need changes during...
    IPCOM000208019D | 2011-Jun-20
  7. 187.
    This article describes a method for a dynamic specification of distribution lists when sending messages based on user-friendly tags.
    IPCOM000208018D | 2011-Jun-20
  8. 188.
    This article proposes a system capable of controlling the playlist of a car stereo to control speed limits and avoid unsafe/unlicits attitudes while driving is disclosed
    IPCOM000208017D | 2011-Jun-20
  9. 189.
    The proposed solution is based on a network of sensors and a decision system. The sensors (be they small radar, cams, infrared and particle sensors) continously load real-time data into the decision system. Accordingly, each time the decision system knows what to do. In case of a collision (detected by a sensor...
    IPCOM000208016D | 2011-Jun-20
  10. 190.
    IPCOM000208001D | Original Publication Date: 2011-Jun-20